ISOFLEX Chiller Whey Protein Isolate



Get the ISOFLEX® Whey Protein Isolate you know and love in a new refreshing juice-style drink that goes down like an ice-cold drink on a hot summer day. Getting your ISOFLEX® has never been easier. Mix ISOFLEX® Chiller with ice-cold water and pour over ice to get a truly exceptional taste sensation.

  • Only Pure Whey Protein Isolate
  • 27 g of Protein in every Serving
  • Zero Sugar & Zero Fat
  • Two Mouth-Watering Flavors
  • Aspartame-Free

ISOFLEX® Chiller is made with the same great ISOFLEX® Ultra-High Quality Whey Protein Isolate Delivery System Formula containing 90% pure (bioactive) protein in every scoop. ISOFLEX® by ALLMAX has earned the trust of protein lovers everywhere. ISOFLEX® Chiller does not contain whey protein concentrate. As a result, ISOFLEX® Chiller contains 0 g fat, 0 g sugar, and is 99% lactose-free.


Bioactive Full-Spectrum Whey Protein Isolate Macrofractions


ISOFLEX Chiller is extracted through CTP™ (Cold Temperature Process) microfiltration. This is a cross-flow microfiltration (CFM) process that removes the larger, less absorbable protein molecules while filtering out fat, lactose and ash that are normally present in whey concentrates and other lower quality protein powders. Similar to the way reverse osmosis in water purification works.
The whole process takes place at a chilly 4 degrees Celsius, or 39 degrees Fahrenheit and leaves virtually 100% of the protein and peptides intact. It also yields the highest amount of undenatured (bio-active) protein available – when it comes to the extremely desirable health benefits of whey protein isolate, the bio-active whey protein fractions play a big role.
Our whey protein isolates are manufactured by chilling or low temperature microfiltration process and dried by indirect heat. The low temperature microfiltration process allows the whey protein isolates to provide undenatured protein with a full balance of bioactive whey protein fractions, including high levels of naturally occurring immunoglobulin, lactoferrin and glycomacropeptides (GMP).



ISOFLEX Chiller contains optimal levels of BCAAs (23%) and essential amino acids (46%) to provide the nutrition you need to reach your goals. Contains 19 amino acids, including 8 essential amino acids and 3 branched chain amino acids:

Leucine – helps with the regulation of blood sugar levels and promotes the growth of muscle tissue. ISOFLEX includes leucine for its ability to accelerate protein synthesis and promotion of efficient recovery after intense training sessions.

Isoleucine – helps with blood clot formation. ISOFLEX Chiller includes isoleucine for its ability to promote muscle recovery after workouts.

Valine – is needed for muscle metabolism, repair and growth of muscle tissue. ISOFLEX Chiller  includes valine for its ability to accelerate recovery after intense workouts.


ISOFLEX® Chiller delivers exceptional protein quality that mixes easily and tastes incredible. ISOFLEX® is produced in a registered cGMP facility; ensuring that ISOFLEX® Chiller has been produced under the purest and cleanest conditions possible.


ISOFLEX® Chiller comes in a delicious 2lb Citrus Peach Sensation flavor.




Yes, you can. Depending on your goals, ISOFLEX Chiller complements many other ALLMAX Nutrition products to help you get your training to the next level. ISOFLEX Chiller  is highly versatile and is considered an ideal base, meaning it can be used well with just about every other supplement. If you’re trying to lose weight or lean out try combining RapidCuts Shredded with ISOFLEX Chiller. If you’re trying to bulk up or put on weight Aminocore and Glutamine are excellent products to try in addition to ISOFLEX Chiller.

Getting your ISOFLEX® has never been easier. Mix or shake 1 scoop (32 g) with 10 oz (295 ml) of ice cold water and pour over ice to get a truly exceptional taste sensation at any time during the day when you need a protein boost.

How to Mix: With a shaker cup always add water first, then add ISOFLEX Chiller and shake quickly. . You can use a blender if you chose for a slightly frothier Chiller experience and it’s great when you’re adding ice, but it isn’t necessary. You can use a regular fork to stir it up as well, Chiller can clump if you let the protein sit in the water without dispersing it quickly. If this happens, just use your fork to crush any clumps and stir. Using ice in your ISOFLEX Chiller is a great idea, but add the ice after you mix as the powder will stick to ice cubes.

Most athletes with elevated protein requirements double each serving with 2 scoops providing 54 grams of protein. Most bodybuilders are aware that high levels of protein consumption are critical to their success. Most will aim for 1.5 to 2 grams of protein per pound of bodyweight daily and space their consumption throughout the day.

ISOFLEX Chiller combines four proprietary delivery systems. The ingredients in each system work synergistically to provide a high-quality and great-tasting drink that’s been designed to help you reach your goals.

The four advanced delivery systems are:

WPI Complex [WPI Fortified™]: CTP (Cold Temperature Process), cross-flow microfiltered whey protein isolate, WPI (97% Whey Protein Isolate). This high quality whey protein isolate complex can help you reach your body-shaping goals.

NOS Complex (Ultra-Flow Delivery™): Contains arginine, taurine and folic acid. Designed to increase blood flow and increase nitrogen and whey peptide delivery. It can also boost nitric oxide levels, thereby speeding up recovery and protein delivery to muscle tissues.

Glutamine Complex (GLUTASURE TECHNOLOGY™): Naturally occurring glutamine peptides – 100% fermented source. Designed to improve recovery and provide immune support.

IS Complex [Rapid Absorption™]: Alpha Lipoic Acid (ALA), d-Pinitol and 4-Hydroxylsoleucine. Designed to increase protein uptake and insulin support.

The first thing is that ISOFLEX® Chiller is made with the same great ISOFLEX® Ultra-High Quality Whey Protein Isolate Delivery System Formula containing 90% pure (bioactive) protein in every scoop. ISOFLEX® by ALLMAX has earned the trust of protein lovers everywhere. It has been formulated with only the most superior blend of whey protein available – whey protein isolate – many other protein powders on the market use whey concentrates and other inferior blends that contain only 30-80% of protein and include lactose, ash and fats.

Secondly, what really sets ISOFLEX Chiller apart from any other protein drinks on the market is its taste. It actually tastes amazing with 2 delicious flavors to choose from!

Additionally, the macronutrient profile of ISOFLEX Chiller is exceptional. It does not contain whey protein concentrate. As a result, ISOFLEX Chiller contains 0 g fat, 0 g sugar, and is 99% lactose-free.


Glutamine Complex (GLUTASURE TECHNOLOGY™): Naturally occurring glutamine peptides – 100% fermented source. Designed to improve recovery and provide immune support.

IS Complex [Rapid Absorption™]: Alpha Lipoic Acid (ALA), d-Pinitol and 4-Hydroxylsoleucine. Designed to increase protein uptake and insulin support.

ISOFLEX Chiller is sweetened with acesulfame-potassium and does not contain any aspartame.

For those of you trying to lose weight or tone up, drinking protein supplements such as ISOFLEX Chiller are not going to give you big, bulky muscles. In fact, ISOFLEX Chiller can actually help you reach your weight loss goals as protein has been shown to stabilize blood glucose levels. This will reduce hunger cravings, stabilize blood insulin levels, putting your body in an ideal fat burning zone. In addition, ISOFLEX Chiller is very high in a protein fraction called Glycomacropeptides  or GMPs. When consumed glycomacropeptides signal the brain to tell you that you are satiated (no longer hunger) and is the component of protein that is primarily responsible for keeping your hunger at bay.

For all you bodybuilders out there, you probably already know it takes a lot of hard work at the gym, proper nutrition (including a lot of calories) and genetics to get big and bulky muscles. But ISOFLEX Chiller can provide you with the nutrients your body needs to recover from your workouts and is a great protein option to help fuel your muscles.

Anyone who has ever trained hard will tell you that building muscle requires intense training and exposing specific muscles to heavy resistance. In order to ensure that muscles respond to this onslaught of forced growth, large amounts of fast-acting, easily-digested protein are required – and ISOFLEX is perfect for that.

On the other side of the coin, people who are just looking to tone, tighten and smooth the body for a specific youthful and healthy appearance need protein too. Most often, whether they know it or not, people who are looking to “tone” are actually looking to increase muscle that has degraded over time and decrease fat that has accumulated over time. Protein that helps both ends of this spectrum. As we age, we lose muscle, the medical term for this is sarcopenia. Without muscle, the skin and fat on top of that muscle starts to appear saggy. Getting several high quality and fast absorbing protein servings a day, especially at times when there are gaps between meals, can help make sure that your body does not cannibalize your muscle to feed other processes in your body.

In terms of fat, as your muscle wastes away and your overall muscle tissue to fat tissue ratio heads in the wrong direction, your metabolism follows it. Lean muscle tissue is a high active substance in metabolic terms, simply stated, it takes a lot of calories to keep it. This is a good thing. It means that the rate at which you burn calories is greater even when you are at rest!

So, to sum things up; consuming protein can reduce the rate at which your muscle tissue is catabolized (taken apart by the body), reduce your level of hunger (by increasing satiety) and increase your metabolism (by increasing your overall amount of muscle tissue)

i.  In the morning – when you sleep, your body goes without food for six or more hours putting you in a state of catabolism. To shift your body into an anabolic state (which is essential to increase lean muscle mass) drink 1-2 scoops of ISOFLEX Chiller.

ii. Pre-Workout – by drinking a glass with 1-2 scoops of ISOFLEX Chiller approximately 30 minutes prior to training you can maximize protein synthesis and prevent catabolism.

iii. Post-Workout – as soon as you’ve dropped your final set your next step should be to drink a cold refreshing drink of ISOFLEX Chiller with some fast-acting carbs (2-3 rice cakes are a quick and easy option). This will boost protein synthesis and prevent muscle breakdown. A second option popular with bodybuilders is KRUSH LOADED immediately after working out, then 30 minutes later, ISOFLEX protein powder.

For high performance nutrition make every protein option count by consuming high quality protein choices. ISOFLEX is a delicious perfect blend of protein that’ll provide the nutrients you need to take it to the next level!

No. ISOFLEX Chiller was developed as an instantized protein powder through an advanced technological process, so that it mixes easily in a shaker cup and doesn’t require a blender.  Those who have tried ISOFLEX have commented that it mixes well with ice cold water in a shaker cup, poured over ice, creating a nice, refreshing drink. If you choose to use a blender, it will just make Chiller a bit more frothy.

Whey protein is simply one of the by-products in the manufacturing of cheese. Whey protein is considered the pinnacle of all sources of protein, as it is readily absorbed by the body and has a very high biological value. Whey protein isolate is a purer form of whey protein as it contains less fat and lactose. It also has a higher biological value than whey protein concentrates. Whey protein isolate is a far superior source than a whey protein concentrate and allows the highest percentage of protein per gram. Although whey protein isolates generally cost more than concentrate blends, the quality is certainly worth it.

There is quite a lot of controversy among nutritional experts about this. Although whey protein has a higher biological value than soy protein, a lot of scientific research has proven that soy protein can also offer a variety of health benefits. ISOFLEX protein powder is composed of exclusively whey protein and has a much higher bioavailable value, but there’s no reason why you can’t include soy protein in your balanced diet as well. However, many people shy away from soy due to concerns over estrogenic proteins.

ISOFLEX Chiller is over 98% lactose-free and is typically very well tolerated by those who have lactose intolerance.