HEMANOVOL – Muscle Volumizing Vaso-Hemodilator


We created HEMANOVOL with a single purpose – to give you a muscle volumizing experience that is so intense that you will never forget it. We have taken cutting-edge, scientifically validated ingredients and blended them with pharmaceutical delivery agents to take HEMANOVOL to a whole new level – a level you will feel in every muscle, for every rep – during and after.

  • 3MPD™ 3-Stage Multiphase Pharmaceutical Delivery
  • Nitric Oxide-Induced Rapid and Sustained Hemodilation
  • Powerful Vascular Blood Volumizing Effects
  • Explosive Muscular Expansion

Every intense training session needs to leave an indelible mark on your psyche. You train because you have a need. There is a deep desire to be more than you were yesterday and more than you are today. The journey and the path you take are marked by road signs you see in the mirror and the effects you feel beneath your skin.



This long-term, time-release action of the Triphase CapTAB is absolutely essential to the nature of the inherently short-term physical nature of Nitric Oxide (N.O.) delivery. Science has proven that the N.O. molecule is inherently unstable and as a result, scientists know that if you’re going to sustain the potent N.O. effect, you must deliver a formula designed to increase the hemodilation over a prolonged period of time. Simply stated, the first two layers of the 3MPD Triphase CapTAB prime your system with a rapid flood of hemodilating ingredients initiating a surge of N.O. within the endothelium. The third and final layer of the 3MPD CapTAB provides a long sustained delivery using techN.O.logy designed for, and inspired by, pharmaceutical applications.



Phase 1

Contained within the microthin outer layer coating that provides virtually instant dissolution and absorption. Immediate absorption in Phase 1 primes your system for a wave of instant N.O. release.

Phase 2

Quickly launches delivery of the ingredients using substrate carriers for rapid expansion shortly after ingestion and releases a large portion of the ingredients over a short period of time. This is critically important for the functional initiation of HEMANOVOL. It ensures that there is an immediate wave of ingredients you can feel.

Phase 3

Initiates disintegration over a much longer time period allowing for a sustained release of the white half of the capTAB. The slow and steady disintegration of the white portion of the Triphase CapTAB gives the ingredient profile the time required to deliver results throughout your workout and long after.


ALLMAX HEMANOVOL comes in 240 capTABS for 48 servings and a full 64-day cycle.



Serving Size: 5 CapTABs
Servings Per Container: 48
Amount Per Serving % Daily Value*
3,797 mg
3,260 mg
      L-Arginine 3,000 mg
      L-Citrulline 200 mg
      L-Ornithine 60 mg
276 mg
      Ginkgo Biloba Extract (24% Ginkgosides) 120 mg
      Theobroma Cacao Extract (Theobromine 98%) 106 mg
      North American Ginseng Extract (7% Triterpene
Saponin Ginsenosides – Panax Quinquefolius)
50 mg
189 mg
      Gamma Tocopherol (Isolated Tocopherol Isomer) 132 mg
      Na+ ALA (Sodium-Bound Alpha Lipoic Acid) 30 mg
      Gamma Tocotrienol (Isolated Tocotrienol Isomer) 27 mg
42 mg
      Vitamin B3 (as Niacin) 36 mg 180%
      Octacosanol (C28H58O) 5,000 mcg
      BioB9™ Pharmaceutical Bioavailable Vitamin B9
Folate (as Calcium L-5-Methyltetrahydrofolate)
1,000 mg 250%
30 mg
      METHOCEL™ (Polymerized Hygroscopic Delay
15 mg
      CROSCAR™ (Cross-linked Sodium
10 mg
      MALTRIN™ (Maltodextrin-based Absorption
5 mg
OTHER INGREDIENTS: Stearic Acid, Magnesium Stearate, FD&C Red 40, Red Beet Powder..
ALLERGEN INFORMATION: Produced in a facility that also handles Milk, Egg, Crustacean, Shellfish, Soybeans, Tree Nuts and Wheat.
DIRECTIONS: Take on a 5 Day ON / 2 Day OFF schedule through your complete 64 day supply.

* Percent daily values are based on a 2000 calorie diet

† Daily Value not established

Supplement facts vary based on size and flavor.



Argi-n.o.-nine: Hypercritical N.O. Substrate

ARGI-N.O.-NINE (pronounced argi-no-nine) is a complex blend of ingredients that have been clinically researched and supported as the raw materials and precursors to bioavailable NITRIC OXIDE production within the body. We have incorporated three of the most heavily researched NITRIC OXIDE (N.O.) stimulating ingredients into HemaNOvol™ Muscle Volumizing Vaso-Hemodilator. Leveraging the power of the 3MPD™ delivery technology, we have been able to take N.O. precursor substrates and create a pharmaceutically inspired hybrid. Pure L-Arginine, L-Citrulline, L-Ornithine are all inextricably tied to the production of endogenous N.O.

The result – every key component required to produce a maximal flow of N.O. is included. The release of N.O. stimulates a hemodilation effect that forces open the flood gates of nutrient and oxygen-rich blood. Intense training combined with this powerful hemodilation drives massive amounts of blood into contractile muscle tissue.

This pooling effect not only leads to thick, swollen and dense muscle tissue during training sessions, but long after as well. The sustained release of the 3rd layer of the 3MPD™ delivery technology continues to drive the ARGI-N.O.-NINE complex ingredients into your system long after you train.

BIOEXTRACT N.O.: Phyto-Extract Compound™

The BIOEXTRACT N.O. Compound is a 3-blend ingredient complex that brings together the most active standardized phyto-extracts clinically researched to have the most profound hemodilatory impact. Each of these compounds work through different pathways and mechanisms toward a single purpose – to deliver and pool the maximal flow of blood to working muscles.

The BIOEXTRACT N.O. phytochemical extracts are comprised of various flavanols and phenols that not only work synergistically with the ARGI-N.O.-NINE blend, but have never to date had the level of delivery that 3MPD™ technology offers.

The result – BIOEXTRACT N.O. delivers the most bioactive phyto-extracts known to science that lay the foundation of endogenous NITRIC OXIDE release and hemodilation. The complex integration of these extracts into the pharmaceutically inspired the 3MPD™ delivery technology produces an N.O. impact you will have to feel to believe.

GAMMA-NOS: RNS Protective eNOS Enhancer™

GAMMA-NOS has a two-fold purpose – both to enhance NITRIC OXIDE SYNTHASE (NOS) and to help guard tissues against the REACTIVE NITROGEN SPECIES (RNS). RNS are, in essence, free radicals that left unchecked can damage tissues such as muscle.

GAMMA-NOS employs micronutrients essential to supporting the elevation of NOS, which in turn, supports the elevation of N.O. production and the reduction of the conversion of beneficial N.O. to the harmful NO2 molecule.

This 3-component GAMMA-NOS blend has isolated key factors that ramp up NOS in the system that support the underlying endogenous N.O. production. Simply stated, these 3 ingredients give your tissues what they need to increase blood flow to muscle tissue.

The result – hitting NOS production from multiple pathways gives HemaNOvol a hemodilation capacity like none other. Single pathway N.O. products did not have even close to this level of multi-faceted approach to dramatically stimulate N.O. generation. These effects are dramatic and serve to add to the already impressive impact of the rest of HemaNOvol.*

VASOTRINOL: Hyper-Oxygenation Complex™

This distinct complex of micronutrients has a specific purpose – to induce capillary action throughout the body and improve the oxidative capacity of muscle tissue. We have included one of the most sought-after pharmaceutical forms of the common Folic Acid called BioB9™ or 5-MethylTetraHydroFolate (5-MTHF). This form of Folate is not only an essential micronutrient but also a cofactor for the production of NOS. BioB9™ and is vastly superior to other forms of Folic Acid as it is directly available to the tissues of the body without the step of conversion required by lesser forms.

Niacin is widely known to be one of the best vasodilators in existence. Vasodilation opens the capillaries of the body to help deliver oxygen-rich and nutrient-rich blood to bodily tissues. The essential B3 Vitamin Niacin helps to drive nutrients and oxygen deep into tissues, while effectively removing toxic muscular waste products by opening up capillaries and increasing vasodilation.

The real star here is OctaCosanol, known chemically as C25H58O. This extract is a novel, highly potent and heavily researched tissue oxygenation accelerator. Research has suggested that this unique extract of an already extracted and concentrated base actually improves the oxidative capacity of muscle tissue. Even more astounding, with a very small dosage requirement, OctaCosanol has shown the ability to spare glycogen stores. This leaves a battery-like reserve of readily available energy for high-intensity bursts of power when required.

Extensive animal testing showed an extreme resistance exhaustion vs. placebo controls that did not receive the OctaCosanol supplementation. Even though animal research does not directly apply to humans, the results were astounding – over 180% longer than the control group before exhaustion!

The ability to increase performance through improved muscle tissue utilization of oxygen is a huge leap forward in supplementation. Other cited human studies show an over 45% increase in all-out cycling time to exhaustion.

Decreases in time to fatigue and improved performance are critical in producing the kind of power in the gym that will deeply stimulate individual muscle fibers on a mass scale. Pushing yourself to the limit with extreme high intensity training will force your muscles to respond like never before, dramatically increasing in size, strength and power to overcome the absolute onslaught of raw iron.

No other supplement has this level of commitment to deliver a full-spectrum solution designed specifically to your ability to improve oxygen utilization and improve your performance in the gym.

HemaNOvol Will Increase Your Rep And Set Force And Take Your Results Beyond The Edge.


HEMANOVOL® is a complete 64-Day Cycle comprised of a potent formula designed to deliver immediate results! Aside from HEMANOVOL’s industry-first 3MPD™ delivery system, it provides a full 3,260 milligrams per dose of the highest grade L-Arginine, L-Citrulline, L-Ornithine blend on the market. If you’re looking for results, look at our label − HEMANOVOL® pulls no punches, every single ingredient is listed clearly with amounts; no ridiculous hidden blends that hide actual ingredient amounts.

Each aspect of this 5-blend, 15-ingredient formula has been designed to deliver mind-blowing results in the least amount of time! A powerful formula that combines a high potency Theobromine, Gingkosides, Ginsenosides and Octacosanol with a never- before-seen arsenal of delivery and absorption factors. HEMANOVOL® is an unmatched, first-of-its-kind CapTAB that you will have to experience to truly believe. Give HEMANOVOL® 64 Days of dedicated training and you will be SHOCKED by your RESULTS!

Recommended Use: Take on a 5 Day ON/2 Day OFF schedule through your complete 64-Day supply.

Workout Days: Take 5 HEMANOVOL® 3MPD CapTABs with water before intense training sessions on an empty stomach. Pre-workout drinks, like MUSCLEPRIME™ can be consumed after HEMANOVOL®.

Non-Workout Days: If you do not work out every day of your 5-Days ON, take 5 HEMANOVOL® 3MPD CapTABs with water upon waking on an empty stomach.

NOTE: You will feel HEMANOVOL® from the first time you take it, and every time thereafter. The most INTENSE results will be felt on your 3rd dose. Take 3 days in a row before workouts. Works best when stacked with CreMAGnaVol™ Creatine-Chelate Myotrophic Muscle Expander.

CAUTION: When taking HEMANOVOL®, warm up slowly at the start of your workout. The rush of rapid blood flow into muscles can create an immediate swelling and tightening of muscle fibers. Initiate your first few sets with less weight to allow your muscles to adjust.

Absolutely not! HEMANOVOL® doesn’t include any substances that are banned or considered illegal for consumption.

The most INTENSE results will be felt on your 3rd day of your dosage schedule. Take 3 days in a row as recommended above. We recommend consuming HEMANOVOL® for 1 month to experience a powerful increase in strength and power. However, you should start to see results and will experience an increase in your strength gains within the first couple of days.

Absolutely! HEMANOVOL® actually works exceptionally well when stacked with CVOL. And of course, if you are training, you should be consuming a high quality protein powder such as ISOFLEX, together with Glutamine, which is a great addition to your post-workout supplementation.