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While the industry has shifted to concentrated pre-workout supplements they’ve sacrificed potency, and to cover it up, they’re labeled with a single proprietary blend. We’ve delivered truly ridiculous potency in a 9.5 gram single scoop serving with a taste that defies its strength.

Exclusively for pre-workout use, RAZOR8 BLAST POWDER delivers what you want every time: razor sharp focus, extreme energy with ridiculous vascularity and stupid strength.

RAZOR8 BLAST POWDER is a no-nonsense, highly concentrated pre-workout energy stimulant that delivers exactly what you need to rip through your training – and we’ve left the rest out. An ideal combination of five key stimulants that will ramp up fat-burning hormones and make weights feel lighter than they ought to.

RAZOR8 has absolutely no fillers! Zero Sugar, Zero Maltodextrin and is 100% free of artificial colors and dyes.

As bodybuilders we know that the goal of every training session is to hit the iron, destroy a muscle group, initiate growth and increase strength – this is a given. But, we also know that what we all chase, what really tells us we’ve gone to the edge of our limits and dominated, is that most satisfying feeling of a truly massive pump. RAZOR8 has combined truly efficacious dosages of the very best ingredients available to help maximize N.O. production, significantly increase blood volume resulting in what can only be described as sleeve stretching pumps.


Plowing through hundreds of pounds of iron ain’t easy and if the weights feel heavier than they should, motivation comes to a dead stop. Pre-training stims aren’t rocket science, but getting the right combo with the power you need is absolutely essential. Aside from all the fat loss benefits CNS stimulation offers, the keys are:

  • Decreased perception of physical exertion
  • Increased levels of energy through increased alertness and mental focus

These elements are what give you the kind of training that will get you results. If you drag your unmotivated ass into the gym, you’ll be more focused on the nearest clock instead of getting big, lean and strong. Get yourself psyched up and motivated and you’ll never want to train any other way.


RAZOR8 BLAST POWDER is not for everyone. Extreme users who are willing to push themselves to the edge get the most profound effects. RAZOR8 BLAST POWDER gives you what you want and nothing you don’t:

  • Extreme and intense mental and physical stimulation
  • Progressive increases in muscle size, strength and hardness
  • Intense Vasodilation resulting in immediate muscle volume, pumps and vascularity

The impact is phenomenal. You will notice a profound effect very, very quickly. RAZOR8 BLAST POWDER is the real deal.

RAZOR8 BLAST POWDER is available in Key Lime Cherry, Extreme Berry and Watermelon, and comes in a 30 and 60 serving size.



  • Ultra concentrated single-serving potency at maximum potency with no fillers and no sugar!
  • Hordenine (N,N-di-methyl-tyramine) to maximize stimulant activity and stimulate the release of fatty acids (22mg).
  • Yohimbine is a specific and highly targeted alpha-2-adrenergic receptor antagonist that has the effect of increased lipolysis or fat burning (4.5 mg).
  • 2-source caffeine blend for varied absorption, (pharma-grade synthetic caffeine & di-caffeine malate).
  • 4 g of pharmaceutical grade, ultra pure creatine monohydrate, plus, 1 g of Creatine HCl
  • Whopping dose at 425 mg of Beta-Alanine (as CarnoSyn®)
  • 100% Fermentation derived Agmapure® Agmatine Sulfate at 365 mg for the coveted “Perpetual Pump”.
  • Ultra High Potency Glycerol, HydroMax™, for a drier more vascular look.




Hordenine is derived from the same cactus as mescaline. We’ve taken the effect of RAZOR8 BLAST POWDER very seriously – the addition of hordenine at 22 mg per serving is just awesome! We know what you know – if you’re going to kill it in the gym, you need drive, energy and focus. If you’re addicted to the gym like we are and you live for the kind of results that pools of sweat builds, RAZOR8 BLAST POWDER is your power training must-have.




Yes, Yohimbine is in there. Aside from its renowned fat-burning action, yohimbine is a phenomenal focus agent. This is because it acts on specific neuroreceptors in the brain that increase focus, so you get a more intense and focused training experience.

What’s more, yohimbine has a profound and well documented vasodilation effect, compounding the pump eliciting effects of RAZOR8 BLAST POWDER.

There are 2 different sources of caffeine for varied rates of absorption and duration.

The total caffeine calculation is as follows:

  • Source 1: Pharma-Grade Synthetic Caffeine: 272 mg
  • Source 2: Di-Caffeine Malate(Caffeine Isolate): 24 mg
  • Total Yield: 296 mg/serving




Critical to every training session is a progression towards incremental increases in strength. Creatine increases the base energy units your body uses for contractile strength, and recent research confirms that creatine also increases the muscle’s ability to take up glucose essential for powerful and intensive strength training. More research confirms creatine’s ability to increase the powerful growth factor iGF-1.




This is a question too many people do not ask. Creatine is creatine, right? For the last decade, creatine monohydrate has been held up as the gold standard through research trial after research, but not all creatine is created equal. RAZOR8 creatine is 100% pharmaceutical grade creatine-monohydrate (CrH2O) that is fused in a fully reacted state. This means it is completely stable.

RAZOR8 creatine has been tested to be 100% stable through the elevated temperature and high acid environments like the stomach. Not only is our creatine created in a pharmaceutical facility, it is also tested by HP Liquid Chromatography to be an ultra pure creatine with below detectable levels of unwanted by-products.




Beta-alanine is an ideal complement to creatine and provides a very useful function for strength enhancement. Beta-Alanine is the rate-limiting step to the production of intramuscular carnosine (aka beta-alanyl-L-histidine). This means that production of carnosine is directly limited by the available amount of beta-alanine. By supplying your body with beta-alanine, the body upregulates the production of carnosine. With increased levels of carnosine, muscular strength increases, muscular fatigue is reduced and total amount of work can be increased.


The benefits of CarnoSyn® beta-alanine have been researched in over 20 scientific studies, 15 of which have been published in peer-reviewed journals. Studies were performed in conjunction with prestigious universities worldwide. Tested on a wide range of athletic performance, including sprinting, cycling, rowing, and weight lifting, Carnosyn beta-alanine is clinically proven to increases an athlete’s peak performance and speed up muscle recovery.




Nitrosigine® plays a critical role within endothelial expansion; Nitrosigine® is so powerful that preliminary tests indicate 5x the blood vessel expansion over Arginine HCl! Nitrosigine® has passed those tests with flying colours.



Testing confirms that even with a single dose of Nitrosigine®, both blood Arginine and Silicate levels increased significantly. This is why the impact is so profound.

Arginine supplementation has long been held as the medical standard for endothelial mediated increases in vasodilation. Arginine is the endogenous precursor to production of nitric oxide and natural Creatine production. It has been shown to increase wound healing, facilitate the upregulation of natural growth hormones and enhance immune function. Plasma increases in arginine levels improve the body’s ability to deliver nutrients and oxygen to working muscles and shuttle away toxic, fatigue-promoting waste products. In fact, a study out of Germany published in the Journal of American College of Cardiology 2000 shows dramatic increases in endothelium-dependent vasodilation, in addition to physical exercise.

Having two distinct analogues of Arginine in combination with the impressive performance of Nitrosigine® provides a two-phased mechanism for increasing Nitric Oxide production, improving blood flow and increasing blood vessel dilation.

With our internal testing and external subject testing, we have anecdotally established that the German study holds true – impressive increases in overall muscle volume, vasodilation and muscle hardness.

HydroMax™ gives you a more vascular, harder and drier look every time you train. HydroMax™ is THE ONLY material on the market to deliver this level of pure glycerol. Aside from its well-known ability to produce a fuller pump and greater vascularity, it also has a profound impact on hydration by holding on to water within blood plasma.


This unique ability to draw water into the blood plasma, and into muscle cells, produces a unique effect that not only lends itself to the appearance of greater muscle fullness, but also swells the cell creating the mechanical force that triggers increased muscle size.

Bottom line – improving blood flow dynamics during intense training allows greater levels of oxygen delivery, cellular waste removal, and nutrient delivery. Most importantly, driving the maximum amount of blood into the muscle triggers muscle cell expansion which ultimately results in muscular growth.




In addition to the impressive combination of the 4 Arginine analogs described above, RAZOR8 BLAST POWDER also features an efficacious dose of Agmatine Sulfate (as Agmapure®) at 365 mg. Touted as one of the best new ingredients to hit the market, Agmatine has much in common with Arginine, but is considered to be more potent. Agmatine helps you chase the perpetual pump by increasing Nitric Oxide production resulting in increased nutrient delivery, improved metabolic waste removal, and most importantly, increased overall performance.

The real difference here is in the quality. Agmapure is 100% fermentation derived, and as such does not contain Arcaine (or Putrescine) a byproduct of the more common synthetically derived version of Agmatine.


1. When is the best time to take RAZOR8?

RAZOR8 is the perfect preworkout drink and should be consumed 20-30 minutes prior to exercise for optimal results.

2. How do I take RAZOR8?

Take 1 serving (1 full scoop) before intense training with 4 to 6 oz of cold water. This highly concentrated preworkout formula does not require you to take more than 1 scoop. Stay adequately hydrated throughout your workout.

3. What are the benefits to taking RAZOR8 before my workout?

RAZOR8 BLAST POWDER is not for everyone. Extreme users who are willing to push themselves to the edge get the most profound results. RAZOR8 BLAST POWDER gives you what you want and nothing you don’t: Hydration and intense vasodilation resulting in immediate muscle fullness and pump, increased Nitric Oxide levels, boosts blood Arginine levels and raises muscle Carnosine levels to promote increased muscle size, strength and hardness. RAZOR8 increases ATP production, supporting high intensity training and reducing muscle fatigue, all while incinerating fat through increased fat oxidation.

4. What results can I expect to see from using RAZOR8?

Immediate results from taking RAZOR8 can vary, but expect powerful motivation and explosive focus, a decreased perception of physical exertion, increased levels of energy through increased alertness, extreme and intense mental and physical stimulation, progressive increases in muscle size, strength and hardness, intense Vasodilation resulting in immediate muscle volume, pumps and vascularity.

5. Are there any stimulants in RAZOR8?

Yes. Shocking stimulant and focus power intensity delivered via Norcoclaurine:Higenamine HCl at 45 mg, Caffeine:Anhydrous+Di- Malate at 296 mg, Hordinine HCl at 22 mg and Spine-tingling Yohimbine HCl at 4.5 mg.

6. Can I still use a Creatine supplement with RAZOR8?

Yes. We recommend stacking Creatine Krush or CVOL as part of your post workout regimen. However, if you are currently loading with Creatine Monohydrate or Creatine HCL, it is still safe to take with RAZOR8, just adjust your dosage accordingly.

7. How is RAZOR8 different than other preworkouts?

RAZOR8 packs a powerful 9.5 gram single serving scoop of ingredients designed for razor sharp focus, extreme intensity, muscle fullness, strength and sleeve-stretching pumps. No proprietary blends or hidden ingredients, zero sugar, zero maltodextrin, no unwanted fillers or aminos – RAZOR8 delivers a highly concentrated combination of exactly what you need to rip through your training.

8. Can I stack RAZOR8 with other ALLMAX products?


9. Are there any side effects to taking RAZOR8?

If you are sensitive to caffeine or stimulants, as RAZOR8 contains Yohimbe, we suggest assessing your tolerance by starting with 1/2 the suggested serving size.

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