Top 5 Myths for Bodybuilders

You often hear varying myths about what works and what doesn’t in fitness and health.

Top 5 Fitness Myths for Bodybuilders

We’ve cleared up those top 5 myths:

Myth#1: Bodybuilders Don’t Do Cardio

Here’s a common myth. We always associate massive arms, and legs with resistance training, but bodybuilders do use cardio as an effective fat burning tool. The type of cardio training is what is important here. Long bouts on the elliptical trainer or treadmill can reduce your muscle mass, that’s why it’s important to use short duration, high intensity cardio such as interval training. An intense interval training session of 20 minutes is equivalent to 60 minutes of cardio, with better fat burning results and little muscle loss.

Myth# 2 Creatine Causes Bloating

Creatine has been around now for longer than you may think. You may have heard some stories from your buddies when you were in high school about how Creatine “puffed” them up and made them retain water. They truth is, Creatine has come a long way from those days, the new generation of creatine/NOS mixtures has been specifically designed to avoid the unwanted effects of its predecessors. Try KRUSH LOADED, with 4th generation Creatine and recovery complex including NOS, trust us, this isn’t your granddad’s Creatine. The bottom line is bodybuilders will continue to rely on Creatine for proven muscle-building results.

Myth#3 Eating less Will Keep me Leaner

This is a common myth for bodybuilding beginners who are looking to cut weight and build muscle. If you’re getting serious about training, you should be looking at eating 6-8 meals per day. Check out the meal regimens of Allmax athletes like Andre Rzazewski and Fran Dennis, their diets are filled with lean proteins and complex carbohydrates. An easy way to knock off one of those meals is with an ISOFLEX shake. Try drinking it clean, mix one to two scoops with 2 cups (16 ounces) of cold water and grab an apple.

Myth#4 No Pain No Gain

We’ve all heard the expression “No pain, No gain”, but it’s very important to distinguish the type of pain that you experience when you’re working out. Pain during and after a hard workout is typical and can even feel good (that’s “good pain”). Sharp or acute pains that prevent you from performing everyday activities are “bad pain”. A good rule of thumb here is that you should be working out to the point of discomfort, but never to the point of sudden pains.

Myth#5 Turning Fat into Muscle

Your body type (whether you’re an ectomorph, endomorph or mesomorph) dictates amount and type of muscle that you pack on. But one thing remains constant, burning fat and building muscle are two separate processes. You cannot turn your fat into muscle. You can burn fat using cardiovascular exercises (and resistance training) and you can shape your muscles and body using resistance training.

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