Fitness Solutions for Life’s Curve Balls

Anyone who takes their training seriously understands the importance of schedules and the borderline OCD habits associated with staying on track.
Fitness SolutionsIf you are one of these people, you also understand the frustration of even the smallest snags in your daily routine. But as you know, some snags in life are unavoidable, and as frustrating as they might be, you must make sure you do not allow them to get the best of you and your regimen. Since you can’t control the little things in life and if you refuse to compromise your schedule, your next best option is to be prepared.

The following are four scenarios that you may encounter throughout your day:

1. Line-Up at the Microwave

Hungry? Why wait! You and I both know that when your meal times are based on the clock, a line-up to the microwave is nothing short of annoying. As a fitness enthusiast, however, you are probably eating between 5 and 6 meals that are roughly the same size in terms of calories. Think back to your lunch bag. Is your next meal a meal that does not require heating? Oh it is? Why are you allowing this line-up to ruin your lunch?

Simple Solution

Reach for your next meal and save the cold chicken breast for an hour when the kitchen is less congested. Try an Isoflex Triple Layer Protein Bar. Each bar is complete with 30 grams of protein, Omega-3 and 6 essential fatty acids and the vitamins and minerals your body needs to stay anabolic throughout the day. Available in four delicious flavors, these bars will be a sweet afternoon treat with only 1 gram of sugar per bar.

2. Line-Up for Equipment

Purely based on personal experience, I would estimate that 99.7% of the population works out between the hours of 4 p.m. and 8 p.m. If you are a part of this statistic, you are no stranger to having to wait for equipment. If you are anything like me, you have the attention span of a wild turkey, making long breaks detrimental to a solid workout. So why break?

Simple Solution

Throw in bits of cardio, like skipping, in between sets to keep your heart rate elevated and you on course. Taking a pre-workout supplement such as MusclePrime will also aid in keeping you focused as it supplies you with 500 mg of tyrosine to increase your mental alertness while you train.

3. Traffic Jam on your Way to the Gym

If you take a pre-workout supplement such as Razor8 BLAST POWDER, you know all too well the importance of timing. However, traffic, especially at rush hour, is uncontrollable. If you find yourself traveling to the gym in said hour, you have probably also experienced the worst case of road rage possible as your pre-workout begins to kick in while the moron in front of you talks on their phone.

Simple Solution

Switch up your supplements and try an intra-workout BCAA stack. By doing so, you will be able to induce muscle growth as you train. Aminocore is one of the most convenient intra-workout supplements on the market. Convenient stick-packs can be tossed into your gym bag and consumed as you go. Each serving of Aminocore will supply your muscles with 100 mg of Ketoisocaproic Acid (KIC), helping fight off muscular fatigue while improving muscular endurance.

4. Traffic Jam on Your Way Home from the Gym

Your anabolic window is 45 minutes. This means that you have 45 minutes to nourish your muscles after a workout for optimum recovery. The sooner you ingest protein, the better. But nothing can shatter this window quicker than a detour or traffic jam on your way home from the gym.

The Solution

The RTD was created for convenience, not necessarily nutritional value. So it is understandable why you would be hesitant to consume one. ALLMAX Nutrition, however, understands the anabolic window and the importance of nutrition for muscle growth and recovery. As a result, they have formulated one of the cleanest protein RTDs on the market. Each Isoflex Instant Protein Drink is packed with 30 g of high quality protein and only 1 gram of sugar. It is also high in bone-building calcium and is low in trans fats and contains no aspartame. Toss one in your gym bag and enjoy it on your drive home.

So when life beckons, you have two choices. You can be caught off guard and stop dead in your tracks, or you can be prepared and steer quickly to a plan B. It’s your call.

Valeria Fazio

Valeria Fazio holds a B.A. Honors degree in history from Carleton University and a diploma in professional writing from Algonquin College. She has been competing in amateur fitness and figure competitions for three years, and has recently qualified for the 2011 Ontario Provincial Figure Championships. As a certified personal trainer and nutritional coach, Valeria helps others in her free time to achieve their fitness goals.

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