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If your training progress has come to a grinding halt no matter how much time you put into the gym, now’s the time to try WaveLoading.

WaveLoadingIf you’ve been stuck in the past, grinding out set after mindless set thinking that brute force is your key to muscle growth, think again! WaveLoading is a progressive and easy-to-follow technique straight from the pros with guaranteed results!

If you’ve never heard of WaveLoading, don’t be surprised, most of us haven’t. But if you want progressive, continuous gains in quality muscle, pay close attention – this is your key to busting through every muscle-stagnation plateau you’ve ever faced.

Of course, when you’re just beginning, the gains may come fast and furious, and it will seem as though you can do no wrong. But after your body begins to adapt to the training, you may find yourself faced with a frustrating plateau. It is at this point that training technique becomes critically important.

Just because summer is fading doesn’t mean you can’t make waves.

WaveLoading is not just a way to break through plateaus in strength and size, it’s also a way to break out of the typical training rut.  Instead of forcing you to hit the gym and slog through the same three straight sets of eight to ten repetitions per exercise, WaveLoading provides some much-needed variety.

Instead of remaining at the same weight and the same rep range throughout the exercise, WaveLoading fluctuates, providing the high level of intensity necessary to blast through your plateaus. Perhaps the best thing about WaveLoading is that there is an incredible amount of variety within the training protocol. Depending on your goals or even just your mood, the number of waves and direction of progression can be altered.

The simplest WaveLoading protocol would call for one wave, either ascending or descending in weight. For example, a simple one-wave routine might look like this:

WaveLoading 101

  • Six Reps at 100 lb
  • Four Reps at 120 lb
  • Two Reps at 140 lb

Here, the load is increasing progressively, but the volume is decreasing, helping you to build your strength in a controlled manner.  Alternatively, you can choose to begin your wave with higher resistance and lower volume and progress to lower resistance and higher volume.

Another WaveLoading technique that may be of particular interest to athletes or those who rely on explosive power involves alternating between sets of high and low reps within the wave, like this:

WaveLoading Advanced

  • Six Reps at 100 lb
  • One Rep at 130 lb
  • Six Reps at 105 lb
  • One Rep at 135 lb
  • Six Reps at 110 lb
  • One Rep at 140 lb

Here, both of the loads – the high repetition and low repetition – increase progressively. Because you are interspersing heavier one-rep sets, the lighter weight should feel even lighter, allowing you to perform six reps each time.

Even more variation can be provided by using multiple waves. Usually, the waves will both be in the same direction (ascending or descending), but this is not an absolute requirement. While the two waves may increase weight between sets by the same increment, the second wave should begin at a higher weight than the first, like this:

WaveLoading Double Helix

  • Six Reps at 100 lb
  • Four Reps at 120 lb
  • Two Reps at 140 lb


  • Six Reps at 110 lb
  • Four Reps at 130 lb
  • Two Reps at 150 lb

Keep in mind that WaveLoading can quickly lead to fatigue, so make sure to begin with a lower weight than you normally use.

Supplement with ALLMAX

With this this level of intensity in a workout, supplementing your workout with the proper sports nutrition is critical to your success and will help maximize your progress.

MUSCLEPRIME – for pre-workout, with key neurofocus agents, a range of muscular endurance ingredients like Beta-Alanine, D-Ribose, Betaine and Octacosanol – this will give you the kind of Energy, Focus and Drive you’ll need and with over 4 grams of Arginine, it will ensure that you have elevated N.O. production to maximize blood flow and ingredient delivery.

AMINOCORE – for intra-workout, with over 8 grams of precise ratio BCAAs to increase protein synthesis by 350% and reduce muscle breakdown – critical during a workout like this.

ISOFLEX – for post-workout, this quality whey protein isolate shake delivers much-needed protein directly to the muscles to kickstart the muscle-building process in action after your brutal battle in the gym.

KRUSH LOADED – for post-workout, this unique Creatine compound speeds recovery so you’re ready for your next WaveLoading session – trust me, you’ll be hooked.

Brian Willett

Brian is an ACE-Certified Personal Trainer and is currently completing his degree in Public Relations Journalism at the University of North Carolina. He grew fond of weight-lifting during his hockey career and is now happily addicted to the iron. Brian can be contacted via email at

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