Frosh 15 Belly Buster Contest

Stress, late nights, partying, junk food and peer pressure all add up to the Frosh 15.

Frosh 15 belly buster contest entriesWe asked you how you plan to stay ahead of the Freshman 15-pound weight gain.

Congratulations to Parvez H. for the winning entry in the Frosh 15 Belly Buster Contest (based on a random draw).

You receive the Frosh 15 Belly Buster Stack consisting of RapidCuts Shredded, Glutamine and Aminocore.

Parvez H. Frosh 15 Belly Buster Diet and Workout

  • (6-7 AM cardio walking on incline 3.2 mph at 15)
  • Post-Cardio Meal: 10-14 egg whites with 2 servings of green veggies
  • Mid-Morning: Low carb ISOFLEX protein shake (must have zero sugars)
  • Lunch: Serving of fish or chicken and green vegetable
  • Mid-Afternoon: ISOFLEX protein shake
  • Post-Lift: ISOFLEX protein shake (no peanut butter, no fruit)
  • Dinner: Fish preferably and green vegetables

This is obviously a low-carb diet. On every fourth day, I consume a high-carb diet to restore glycogen levels (preferably on my leg training day)


Warm-Up – Cable Fly 5 X 20

Incline Smith Chest Press Hi/Low – heavy weight 4-6 reps, drop weight and hit 12-13 reps (3 rounds).

Incline Hammer Strength Press Hi/Low Scheme Again – last set, I do a triple drop set till failure (3 rounds).

Bodyweight Flyes till Failure Superset to Upper Chest Push-Ups, feet on bench, hands on floor till failure (3 rounds)

Low to Hi Cable Flyes – 12 reps Slow and Squeeze – Superset to Push-Ups, behind back clap fill failure (3 rounds).

Hi to Low Cable Flyes – 15 reps – Superset to Close-Grip Push-Ups – 25 (3 rounds).

Decline Bench Press – 10-12, Slow – Superset to Dips till Failure (3 rounds).


Straight Bar Curl – Hi/Low Sets. Pick a weight you can maybe do for 4 reps and do 6 with the help of a spotter, then drop the weight by 40-50% and do 15-20 reps (use lifting straps) – Rest 2 minutes (3 rounds).

Hi/Low Sets Heavy Hammer Curls. Again 6-8 heavy reps on dumbbell hammer curls, drop weight and do 15-20 reps, then go right into Chest on Incline Bench Inside Grip on E-Z Curl Bar Dead Hang Curls, focusing on peak contraction – 10-20 Slow Reps (3 rounds).

Hammer Strength Machine Curls – HEAVY! 4-6 Forced reps with a partner, remove half of the weight and squeeze out 12-15 reps, then go right into Standing Double Front Bicept Curls from High Cables – 15 reps (3 rounds).

Guillotine Curls – 12 reps – Superset to Rope Curls turning out at top – 10-12 reps HEAVY! Then reduce weight and do 25 ¼ – ¾ Curls – meaning you stay right in the middle area of the rep, focusing on squeezing the vein in the bicep, maximizing mid-rep pump (2 rounds).

Single-Arm Dumbbell Preacher Curls – 8-10 slow reps – Superset to Double Dumbbell Uppercut Punches NEBT Over – 25 reps (3 rounds).


6 X 20 Heavy Leg Extensions (pre-exhaust)

Leg Press – 20/15/12/8 – then for the last set, take the weight you did 20 at and do 50 more reps.

Bar Squats – toes straight ahead, deep – 4 X 6-8

Box Step-Ups with Barbell – 4 X 12 each leg HEAVY – Superset to Walking Lunges with weight – 4 sets down and back – last set go till failure. If you can go down and back 3 times, then GO FOR IT!

Leg Curls – 4 X 15 – Superset to Single Leg Romanian Deadlifts – 4 X 12 each leg

Single Leg Extensions – 4 X 30 each leg, rapidfire back and forth


Warm-up with Wide-Grip Chins – 4 X 12

Deadlifts – 10/8/6 then 4 X 5 (90-Second Rest)

Weighted Chin-Ups – 6-8 reps – Drop Weight – 12-15 Chins partner-assisted – 15-20 Chins – 90-Second Rest – Repeat Wide-Grip – 90-Second Rest – Repeat Narrow Grip

Single-Arm Dumbbell Row – Heavy/Light – Heavy = 8 reps then drop weight for 20 reps both arms – 90-Second Rest – Repeat – 90-Second Rest – Repeat

Seated Row Wide-Grip 12 Overhand to Shoulder Grip Underhand – 12 – 60-Second Rest – 12 Underhand, 12 Overhand – 60-Second Rest – 12 Overhand, 12 Underhand

Standing Close-Grip T-Bar Rows – 12/10/8/6 Superset to Pulldowns behind neck – 4 X 15

Close-Grip Chin-Ups – 2 count, squeeze at top – 4 count negative till failure (3 rounds)


Reverse Grip Presses – seated in squat rack – 12/10/8/6/6 – last set drop set for 20 reps

Single-Arm Shoulder Press – on knees using the T-Bar Row – 12 each side – Superset to Smith Machine High, Squeezing Upright Rows – 12 reps (4 rounds)

Hi/Low Lateral Raises – HEAVY then drop to a Low Weight Set. First set = 8-10 reps, drop weight and hit 15-20 reps (3 rounds)

Dumbbell Rear Delt Flyes with Chest on Incline Bench with Pause at Top, Slow on negative – 12 reps – simultaneous Dumbbell Front Raises – 12 reps (3 rounds).

You just got to keep your eye on the prize. I’ve always believed that one should stop worrying about what everyone else is doing and focus on putting your energy into some real work and you will be a success.

A big Thank You to all of you who entered this competition. We received lots of good workouts and dieting advice. Take a look:

Tracy G. Frosh 15 Belly Buster Diet and Workout

First of all, do NOT go to meal halls. That is what will kill you.

So, I always do total body workouts and start them off with a 5-k run. I do all my workouts at home and only use what I have in my apartment.

A basic workout will consist of:

  • Chest Flyes with Dumbbells on a Stability Ball
  • One-Arm Rows
  • Clean and Press
  • Split Lunges
  • Step-Ups on a Chair
  • Chair Dips
  • Bicep Curls with a Sumo Squat
  • Stability Ball Hamstring Curls
  • Reverse Crunches
  • Basic Crunches with a Weight
  • Bicycle Crunches or Side Planks

I try to work every major muscle group and just switch the exercise up each workout.

My diet consists of just your basic healthy eating. I wake up and eat breakfast (protein shake with banana, unsweetened almond milk, cocoa powder, ISOFLEX chocolate flavor and ice cubes – delish!!!)

I make my snacks for in between classes the night before. I call them “Tracy Cakes.”

Tracy Cakes Recipe

  • 1 carton of egg whites (the big carton)
  • 2 ½ cups of oats
  • ½ banana
  • 2 packets of sweetener
  • 2 tbsp apple sauce
  • Dash of cinnamon

Blend all ingredients until liquid and fry in a pan like pancakes! They are yummy hot or cold and no syrup needed. They have both your complex carbs and protein to keep you satisfied in between meals.

My lunch is usually salad with a protein. My dinner is some sort of lean meat (chicken, fish or lean ground beef) with a ton of veggies and sometimes a sweet potato.

Everything in Moderation

The thing that kills students is the drinking, late night eating and the meal hall. If you live in rez, choose healthy options at the meal hall and invest in a George Foreman Grill and microwave.

I hope some of these ideas help people.

Ted K. Frosh 15 Belly Buster Workout

Bench – 3-4 sets, 8-12 reps
Squats – 3-4 sets, 8-12 reps
Deadlifts  – 3-4 sets, 8-12 reps
Pull-Ups – 3-4 sets, 8-12 reps
Overhead Shoulder Press – 3-4 sets, 8-12 reps
Rows – 3-4 sets, 8-12 reps
Repeat 3 times per week.

Stefan V. Frosh 15 Belly Buster Diet and Workout

My meals stay consistent throughout the week. I eat a little more if I’m training back or legs.

Breakfast (7:30, Yea that’s right because I have to be in class for 8:15) – 1 ½ cup oats and 2 scoops ISOFLEX whey protein.
Meal 2 (10:30) – about 300 g of fish and a medium sweet potato (fish sucks, so I put a little BBQ sauce on it and it’s not that bad)
Meal 3 (1:30) – Same as meal 2
Meal 4 (4:00) – Same as meal 2
Training – 5 to 6-6:30 PM

Chest (30/45 seconds rest between sets and 1 – 1 ½ minutes rest between exercises)

  • Freeweight Incline Presses – 2 warm-up, 1 working set
  • Cable Flyes – 3 working sets
  • Incline Machine Press – 1 warm-up, 1 working set
  • Smith Machine Flyes – 1 warm-up, 1 working set
  • Push-Ups – 3 sets, as many as I can do
  • Dips – 3 sets, as many as I can do

I made this workout after watching Dorian Yates’s Blood and Guts training style. It’s high intensity with short breaks and if you have energy by the end of it, you didn’t go heavy enough.

Post-Workout: Glutamine, Aminocore

Cardio: I bike to the gym, so that’s 15 mins there and 15 mins back or I do 15-20 minutes on the treadmill.

Meal 5 (6:30) – 6 egg whites, 2 yolks and veggies.

Meal 6 (8:30/9) – 2 ½ scoops Casein-FX and some glutamine.

Go to bed and do it all again the next day!

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