The Alcohol that’s Good for Athletes

Sometimes, you think you have it all figured out. You’re working out four days per week, doing some form of cardiovascular exercise on two other days, and taking one day completely off for rest.

The Alcohol that's Good for AthletesYour workouts are intense and focused, and your form is picture perfect. In addition to this, you’re doing plenty of work in the kitchen as well – eating plenty of nutritious meals with lean proteins, complex carbohydrates and healthy fats. You’re doing everything right to put yourself on a path towards a remarkable recomposition of your body. You’ve even made some major concessions, including swearing off of sweets and alcohol.

So what if I told you that you were still doing something wrong? Impossible, right? Hold on though, because I’m about to blow your mind!

What if I said there was a form of alcohol that could actually benefit your efforts in the gym rather than hold you back? It may seem unlikely, but it’s true. Research has shown that Octacosanol – a key ingredient in the revolutionary creatine supplement CreMAGnaVol – has a wide array of benefits for those looking to add size, cut fat and best of all, radically increase power and endurance.


As you’ve probably never heard of Octacosanol, here’s a little background information. Octacosanol is a compound that is found naturally in some vegetable oils as well as sugar cane; however, in infinitesimally small amounts. In addition to being the active ingredient in wheat germ oil, Octacosanol is found is present in spinach (Popeye wasn’t pounding back that stuff for nothing). But if popping open cans of spinach all day isn’t very appetizing, don’t worry – Octacosanol is as close as your nearest jar of CreMAGnaVol, the cutting-edge of creatine.

One of the most interesting things about Octacosanol is how concentrated it really is. If derived from wheat germ for instance, you need mounds and mounds of it to get a very small amount of wheat germ oil and only a fraction of that is Policosanol and of that, only a fraction is Octacosanol.

But if an oil-like substance still sounds like something that might derail your attempts at dieting, think again!

Research has shown that even on a high-fat diet, Octacosanol can lead to a reduction in the amount of adipose (fat) tissue stored by the body, even as the number of fat cells remain the same. Because of this, scientists suggest that Octacosanol prevents lipid accumulation in these cells. In addition, Octacosanol supplementation led to an increase in fatty acid oxidation in muscle tissue – meaning your body will be burning fat to feed your muscles. When combined with the patented, fully-reacted Creatine-Magnesium Chelate, a compound in CreMAGnaVol that elicits a 185% increase in raw power, you’ll be well on the way to the body of your dreams.

For those more focused on athletic performance or running, Octacosanol provides benefits in those pursuits as well. One study split participants into three groups:

  • A sedentary control group
  • An exercise only group
  • An exercise and Octacosanol group

After merely four weeks of the exercise program, a very significant difference was observed between the groups. Those in the Octacosanol group ran 184% longer than those in the sedentary group, and 46% longer than the exercise only group!

But that was just the beginning of the benefits – the Octacosanol supplementation also led to lower levels of plasma ammonia and lactate – the by-product of cellular respiration that inhibits your muscles from continuing to contract. Perhaps most impressive, the Octacosanol group displayed 44% higher creatine phosphokinase activity. Lastly, even after participants ran until exhaustion, the Octacosanol had a glycogen-sparing effect on the muscles.

So what does this mean to you? Simple – you’ll be able to outlast your competition today, and still have fuel left in the tank to do the same thing tomorrow.

Given this research, it’s difficult to argue against including this type of alcohol in any athlete’s diet. Even those seeking a slimmer figure will want to invest in CreMAGnaVol, as the patented Cinnulin ingredient works with insulin-signaling mechanisms to improve nutrient absorption in muscle tissue and aid in body recomposition. Best of all, the majority of the research worked on dosages in the range of 5 mg of Octacosanol – with 2 servings a day of CreMAGnaVol, you’re getting 32 mg of pure Octacosanol! In addition, knowing the power of Octacosanol, we also added it to our latest 3MPD™ Tri-Layer Pre-Workout Nitric Oxide CapTAB HemanNOvol – 5 mg per serving helps ignite every workout while giving you rock-hard muscle pumps.

So, cheers to Octacosanol – the alcohol that gives an extra boost to the explosive strength, size and power of CreMAGnaVol!



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Brian Willett

Brian is an ACE-Certified Personal Trainer and is currently completing his degree in Public Relations Journalism at the University of North Carolina. He grew fond of weight-lifting during his hockey career and is now happily addicted to the iron. Brian can be contacted via email at

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