Taking the Fear out of Frosh 15

The first few months of college will test your mettle and how strong your will power is to resist all things tempting and ruinous to your waistline.

Taking the Fear out of Frosh 15Starting college is an exciting time of year. You move into residence, discover life without parents, partying without limits, and the deliciousness of pizza at 3 a.m. after the bar. 

Lets face it, if you continue down this path, you’ll pack on that extra 15 pounds in no time. But the freshman 15 is not inevitable, it’s an option. 

ALLMAX Nutrition agrees and with RAPIDCUTS SHREDDED at your disposal, you can avoid the freshman 15 and impress everyone by being the only one not wearing stretchy pants come Thanksgiving.

According to the Journal of American College Health, researchers suggest that excess weight gain during the freshman year is due to an increase in calories coming specifically from consumption of alcohol and unhealthy snacks. Combined with a decreased level of physical activity and your freshman year will be nothing less than a physique destroyer.

There are many ways to avoid killing your physique without killing your social life.

Tips to Avoid Frosh 15

Portion Control

Keep portions in mind when eating, and listen to your stomach not your eyes. Portions in cafeterias are more often than not huge.  Avoid overeating by taking your time between bites and stopping when you are full, not when your plate is empty.

Smaller Meals

Eat small meals throughout the day and pack snacks for class. Not only will this stop you from overeating at larger meals, but it will stop you from using the vending machine when you get the munchies during a lecture. Options include fruit, nuts or protein bars.

Choose Healthy Options

Explore your options in the cafeteria – do the victory lap and examine all your options. Healthy choices are always available, you just have to make them. Opt for a chicken sandwich on brown instead of pizza or grilled cheese, and get a salad instead of fries.  


Most amenities are within walking distance from campus. The problem is the bus comes too frequently and most students don’t mind waiting to take it. But this is the perfect opportunity to get in extra exercise or work off that piece of pizza you shouldn’t have had the night before.

Include a Cheat Day

Nobody is a saint and we all need to give into temptation once and a while. This can be a day you drink too much, eat what you shouldn’t, or both. This is your day to relax. This day will keep you not only sane, but in the loop with your friends.

Stock up on Healthy Snacks

Keep fruit or protein bars handy for a post-bar snack. When everyone is ordering pizza and wings after the bar, you are reaching for an apple or banana. Why? Because your pants still fit and you want to keep it that way.

Use the School Gym

It is probably included in your tuition, so take advantage of the money you already spent. The gym can be the perfect way to waste time between classes or procrastinate from studying. Either way, it will keep the booze out of your hand or pizza in the box for at least another hour.

Unhealthy habits don’t magically stop after freshman year. Developing healthy habits now will stick with you well into old age. Once your lifestyle is in check, it will be time to tackle the other physique killers associated with school. ALLMAX Nutrtition is here to help.

Studies suggest that weight gain that occurs while at college or university can also be linked to additional stress associated with strict academic studies. According to a study produced by Indiana University at Bloomington, 76% of females and 33% of males surveyed reported stress-induced eating while at school.

ALLMAX RAPIDCUTS SHREDDED is designed to help you maintain a healthy body composition with its three-phase fat-burning system.


RAPIDCUTS is formulated with Green Coffee Bean which supports normal, healthy insulin levels, especially following meals. Higher insulin levels can literally turn off fat loss. Unlike coffee beverages, green coffee bean extract does not go through the roasting process, rather, chlorogenic acids are the key ingredient that support the weight loss benefits of GCBE. First, they promote balanced blood sugar by inhibiting the release of glucose within the body. Secondly, chlorogenic acids boost the metabolic output of the liver, which in turn helps to burns more fat. This dual mechanism works to support lean body mass.


Cinnulin PF is a water-soluble extract of cinnamon produced from a superior source of cinnamon bark. It supports healthy glucose and cholesterol management, and offers antioxidant protection. Studies using Cinnulin PF found it reduces blood sugar and body fat, increases muscle mass and decreases systolic blood pressure.


Ashwagandha is a renowned Ayurvedic adaptogenic botanical grown in India which has been revered for thousands of years for its ability to balance, energize, rejuvenate, and revitalize. Extracted from the leaf and root of the plant, ashwagandha helps boost energy levels, helps to reduce stress-induced appetite cravings by controlling cortisol levels, helps promote a healthy response to inflammation, inhibits oxidative stress and slows the effects aging by inhibiting free radical damage.

You now have all the tools you need to avoid the dreaded freshman weight gain. Now, stop procrastinating and get to class!

Valeria Fazio

Valeria Fazio holds a B.A. Honors degree in history from Carleton University and a diploma in professional writing from Algonquin College. She has been competing in amateur fitness and figure competitions for three years, and has recently qualified for the 2011 Ontario Provincial Figure Championships. As a certified personal trainer and nutritional coach, Valeria helps others in her free time to achieve their fitness goals.

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