Omega3 and Vitamin D: A Cure for the Blues

Does the cold weather have you feeling down? Are you having trouble getting out of bed in the morning? Can’t seem to find any motivation or energy?

If you are suffering from any of these symptoms, you could blame it on winter blues or you could be suffering from a disorder commonly referred to as Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD).

Omega3 is the answer for a healthy functioning brain

SAD is a term used to describe mood patterns that are directly affected by the change in seasons – usually the shift from summer to fall to winter – and has been linked to a decreased exposure to sunlight and heat. People that suffer from SAD tend to exhibit signs of depression, loss of energy, anxiety attacks, sleeping too much and experience a reduced sex drive. To be properly diagnosed with SAD, an individual must exhibit these mood patterns for two consecutive years.

Symptoms of SAD

  • Difficulty waking up
  • Morning sickness
  • Tendency to oversleep
  • Increased appetite and cravings for carbohydrates
  • Weight gain
  • Lack of energy
  • Difficult concentrating and completing tasks
  • Withdrawal from friends, family and social activities

All of this leads to depression, pessimistic feelings of hopelessness and lack of pleasure.

If you think you may suffer from SAD, there a number of things you can do to help lift your spirits. Studies have found that the blue feelings experienced by SAD can usually be alleviated by exercise and increased outdoor activity, particularly on sunny days. Snowshoeing, skiing, snowboarding and outdoor running are ways to absorb some much-needed sunlight.

If you are not into outdoor activities, some doctors recommend an occasional trip to the tanning salon to help boost your exposure to heat and light.

Aside from staying active, you can also promote positive brain behavior by following a proper diet. Brain chemicals, also known as neurotransmitters, control mood and brain behavior. Their presence is determined by the foods we eat. As a result, poor diets, especially those that contain a lot of junk food, are closely linked to depression.

Vitamin D3 is 87% more effective than D2

To ensure you’re getting all the right vitamins and minerals in your diet, VitaStack is the ultimate supplement. It contains the sunshine vitamin D in the form of cholecalciferol or D3, which has been shown to increase levels of D3 in the blood by 87% more than D2. You can find it in the Skeletocore tablet.

The neurotransmitters that are responsible for determining our mood are serotonin, dopamine and norepinepherine. Serotonin, the neurotransmitter responsible for easing feelings of tension and stress and promoting healthy sleep patterns, is produced by the amino acid, tryptophan. Foods rich in complex carbohydrates (brown rice, whole grain breads, raw fruits and vegetables) are a good source of tryptophan and can boost levels of serotonin. Comparatively, avoid simple carbs like fructose, sucrose and lactose.

Protein-rich foods such as chicken, eggs and fish can help boost the levels of dopamine and norepinephrine that help increase alertness.

Essential fatty acids have also been linked to healthy brain activity and are recommended when fighting seasonal depression. Studies have found that people who consumed fish frequently exhibited fewer depressive qualities than those that who didn’t. The fatty acids obtained from fish are EPA and DHA. These acids are particularly important in promoting healthy brain function.

It is, however, important to note that EPA is more effective in promoting a positive mood. So when looking for a good fish oil supplement, look for one that is at a 50:50 ratio between EPA and DHA, or slightly higher in EPA.

ALLMAX Nutrition Omega-3 is an ultra pure, cold water, fish oil concentrate with the perfect ratio of EPA to DHA (180:120). This ratio supports healthy brain function and promotes weight loss – an added bonus for those suffering from weight gain associated with SAD.

So don’t be SAD – be happy! It’s not impossible to lift your spirits out of a winter slump. A balanced diet consisting of protein, complex carbohydrates and ALLMAX Omega-3 is what you need to maintain health and stay in tip-top shape. Now, that’s more than enough reason to smile.

Valeria Fazio

Valeria Fazio holds a B.A. Honors degree in history from Carleton University and a diploma in professional writing from Algonquin College. She has been competing in amateur fitness and figure competitions for three years, and has recently qualified for the 2011 Ontario Provincial Figure Championships. As a certified personal trainer and nutritional coach, Valeria helps others in her free time to achieve their fitness goals.

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