Getting Shredded with RapidCuts

With a goal to gain some serious muscle mass, Torrey G’s muscle-building journey began with a commitment to a strict diet and training program.

Torrey Before at 220 lb

Seven years later, Torrey gained 75 lb, jumping up to an impressive 220-lb frame.

With a desire to compete in the NPC Men’s Physique Division, Torrey had a new goal – getting shredded.

With the help of RapidCuts Shredded and an IFBB Pro for a trainer, Torrey set his mind to losing 47 lb. After six months, Torrey reached his goal and brought his weight down to 173 lb.

When Torrey took to the stage, the NPC head judge, Jim Rockell, grabbed the microphone and said:

“This is EXACTLY what we are looking for in this division.”

Torrey After at 173 lb

Torrey is now working towards his Pro Card and continues to use ALLMAX supplements to fuel his training and recovery.


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