Competitor Prep Stack

It’s no secret contest prep can become a tough game, both mentally and physically, especially the closer you get to show day.


– Pre-Contest Water Removal System –

Our HydraDry pre-contest water loss system works by eliminating excess water from beneath the skin to reveal the kind of detail that wins shows. Water manipulation can be a difficult obstacle for any competitor, and shows are won and lost sometimes on this smallest detail – puffy, bloated skin caused by excess water hides muscle definition. Take the guess work out of eliminating excess water and rely on ALLMAX HydraDry for your next contest prep.


– Intelligent Diet Support –

Caloric restriction, limiting carbs, increased cardio intensity; all essential for effective contest prep, and all rapid ways to breakdown and flush away muscle. The muscle tissue breakdown that takes place when you’re dieting reduces your metabolism and your ability to burn calories. Taking AMINOCORE feeds your muscles directly even when dieting, and dramatically limits muscle deterioration. The net effect; you retain muscle, melt fat and maintain a higher metabolism.


– ULTRA-Premium Pure Whey Protein Isolate –

Boasting the best macros for a high-protein boost any time of day without the carbs, fat or sugar! Yielding a 27g serving of the highest quality whey protein isolate per scoop, ISOFLEX delivers 110 calories, 1g of carbs and >1g fats! A truly contest diet-friendly protein shake, rely on ISOFLEX to feed your muscles, stave off muscle catabolism and enjoy a tasty break from the hard dieting of contest prep!

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