Beating the Patio Bulge

Beating the Patio BulgeWith patio and cottage season in full effect, it can be mind numbing trying to conjure up ways to enjoy the summer sun, food, and beverages, without completely blowing your training and diet.

There are however ways to make smart(er) choices without completely sabotaging your hard work, and making conscious decisions when ordering from the pub menu, bar list or picking up on a beer run can be tedious, but your gut will thank you for it.

When enjoying a sunny patio on a hot summer day, and it is time to quench your thirst, what do you do? You want something that is going to tingle your taste buds, but also hydrate you without packing in countless calories. Do you choose liquor or beer?

According to the Royal Society of Chemistry, beer wins the battle. Why? Beer is made up of 93% water, quenching thirst better than any other alcoholic beverage. It contains less alcohol per volume and the high water content compensates for any dehydrating effects. Further, less alcohol results in fewer calories. Additional health benefits of moderate beer drinking are nothing short of surprising. Beer can be considered a whole food as it contains carbohydrates, protein, micronutrients and no fat. It contains a high content of protein and vitamins, with an average of 2 grams of protein pint, one 1/7 in the form of Amino Acids.

Beer also has the ability to complement your training. Carbonated drinks – like beer – help with digestion and stimulate blood flow to the muscles, brain, lungs and kidneys. Therefore, the best time to consume a beer is immediately after a workout.

I am not saying that is it alright to indulge in hops and malt daily, but when making wiser choices, a beer on a sunny afternoon after a grueling workout is your best bet.

The following should help ease your mind, when the bar menu is being passed around.

Domestic Calories per 12oz bottle Carbohydrates
Blue 153 5
Blue Light 108 7.6
Budweiser 148 11.3
Bud Light 102 5
Coors 145 10.6
Coors Light 110 6.6
Alexander Keith’s 153 5
Miller Genuine Draught 110 7
Moosehead 145 12
Corona 148 13
Corona Light 105 5
Guiness 196 18
Heineken 150 11.5
Stella Artois 135 9


Satisfying Your Hunger

The pub menu at first glance may not seem too diet friendly, but too often we neglect to consider healthy alternatives, substitutions, and modifications.

For Example:


The Original Order The Menu Says The Health(ier) Way
Crispy Chicken Buffalo Wrap Crispy chicken strips in spicy bbq sauce served in a warm flour tortilla with fries . Anything served crispy can be substituted for grilled
Ask for sauce on the side and fries can ALWAYS be substituted for a salad.
Grilled Steak Sandwich Grilled strip-loin topped with sautéed portobello mushrooms, Bermuda onions and our signature ‘Bushmill’s’ demi-glaze on a ciabatta bun with fries. Most places will offer all sandwiches in a wrap alternative, or ask for no bread at all.  Again sauce on the side, and opt for a salad instead of fries.
Grilled Sirloin Burger 100% ground Certified Angus Beef sirloin; this burger will melt in your mouth! Built with crisp lettuce, tomato, pickle and our very own horseradish bistro sauce. Served with fries. Skip the horse radish sauce and resist the cheese and bacon.   For the healthiest burger option, the beef patty can almost always be substituted for a grilled chicken breast.  Fries instead of salad, and you are good to go.

In addition to your menu nit-picking, always suggest that everyone order their own food. Sharing leads to nachos, wings, and party platters of deep fried random vegetables.

Walking It Off

Are you walking distance to the pub? Are bike paths available? Is it sunny outside? Have you answered yes to at least one of these questions? Then you have NO excuse to take anything short of the heel-toe express, rollerblades or bike to the pub. Not only are you increasing your metabolism before you sit down to enjoy the day, but you are also squeezing in a cardio session. Not to mention the fact that biking to the bar means you are going to have to bike home, hopefully stopping you from having a few too many before you hop on your ride home.

Summer patio season definitely makes it hard to stay directly on track, but it’s not impossible and ALLMAX Nutrition is here to help you. RAPIDCUTS Hardcore, now with patent-protected Quadracore ingredients (Acacia Polysaccharides, Esterfied Fatty Acids, Aphyanizomenon Flos-Aquae Extract, Pomegranate Extract and Beta-Carotene) and combined with a cortisol balancing complex, can help you lose an average of 14lbs in just 8 weeks.

Patio season doesn’t have to kill your physique, nor is that cute little waitress in the little black skirt to blame. Mind control, moderation, and modifications, will keep you on track – it’s in your control. You train hard so treat yourself.

Valeria Fazio

Valeria Fazio holds a B.A. Honors degree in history from Carleton University and a diploma in professional writing from Algonquin College. She has been competing in amateur fitness and figure competitions for three years, and has recently qualified for the 2011 Ontario Provincial Figure Championships. As a certified personal trainer and nutritional coach, Valeria helps others in her free time to achieve their fitness goals.

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