10 Healthy Eating Tips When Vacationing

It’s that time of year when many of us take a well-deserved and relaxing vacation.

10 Healthy Eating Tips When VacationingIf you’re going somewhere warm, no doubt you’ve been cutting out certain foods, maybe exercising more or taking a fat burner such as RAPIDCUTS Shredded to get your metabolism going and to achieve that cut and lean look. When you go on vacation it’s a time to relax and enjoy yourself. However, while on vacation it’s not the time to let all your work go the wayside. Enjoy yourself but try to stay on track when you can. The following tips will help you make the right choices when eating out on vacation.

1. Only make one trip to the buffet table and make it count, holidays are meant to be a little indulging.

2. Remember buffet tables are there every day so you don’t have to eat everything the 1st day, if food is a little of an obsession plan a theme for each day ; Greek, Italian , French and so on.

3. Eat all meals from a salad plate. If it fits on the plate it’s fair game. And no going back for second helpings!

4. 20 minutes before going for your main meal eat a peace of fruit, or a cup of raw vegetables fill the stomach with volume food with very little calories.

5. Drink club soda, with a slice of lemon or lime added, the carbonation help to fill you up.

6. Alcohol. You’re on vacation we don’t expect you to give it up. For every alcoholic drink, drink one glass of club soda in-between. Stay away from the fruity sweet drinks, they are extremely calorie-dense.

7. Try to go for a nice walk before and after meals don’t let it sit heavy in your stomach.

8. Stay hydrated as our bodies do not know the difference between hunger / and thirst.

By drinking more water we will take if less unwanted calories plus feel so much better.

9. Eat small meals frequently throughout the day to keep your energy levels and blood sugar levels regulated. If you’re doing any day trips be sure to pack healthy snacks such as nuts or a piece of fruit.

10. Most importantly, have fun and try new things, we can all get hamburgers at home, so be adventurous.

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