Sweet and Spicy Chicken Salad

Chicken recipes are a sacred thing in the bodybuilding world.

Sweet and spicy chicken saladAs a popular lean protein, chicken is a common staple in a bodybuilder’s diet, so it is important that you switch it up often and get inventive to avoid meal boredom.

Add some variety to your chicken meals with this easy-to-make recipe created by Team ALLMAX Athlete Andre Rzazewski.


  • 2 medium boneless, skinless chicken breasts
  • 3 tbsp. French’s Regular Mustard
  • Frank’s Buffalo Wing Hot Sauce
  • Mrs. Dash Chipotle Seasoning
  • Stevia
  • Black Pepper
  • Lettuce, mixed greens, spinach or any combination you choose


  1. Grill chicken breasts, cut into pieces and place in a bowl.
  2. Cut chicken and place greens in a separate bowl.
  3. Add approx. 3 tablespoons of mustard and hot sauce to cut chicken cover with chipotle seasoning.
  4. Add approx. ½ teaspoon or less of Stevia.
  5. Add pepper to taste
  6. Mix thoroughly with a spoon until chicken is covered in sauce and seasoning.
  7. Add chicken to the bowl with the greens, cover and shake until fully mixed. You can also add lemon juice or balsamic vinegar to the salad.

Serves 2.

Nutritional facts per serving (1/2 the recipe)

Calories: 150 cal
Protein: 29 g (116 cal)
Carbs: 4 g (16 cal)
Fat: 2 g (18 cal)


Andre Rzazewski

Andre is a successful certified personal trainer, competitive bodybuilder, fitness model and an ALLMAX sponsored athlete. He has been featured in MuscleMag International and Planet Muscle. He was also the 2006 Fame Heavyweight North American Champion, as well as MuscleMania Pro Champion.

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