USPA Olympia Powerlifting Invitational 2011

ALLMAX is a proud sponsor of the upcoming 2011 USPA Olympia Powerlifting Invitational event in Las Vegas at The Orleans Hotel and Casino on September 16th.

USPA Olympia Powerlifting InvitationalThe USPA Olympia Powerlifting Invitational is the event where the biggest and baddest powerlifters go head-to-head to break new world records and display the most hardcore heavy lifting on the planet.

Among those competing is none other than our very own Team ALLMAX Athlete and Professional Powerlifter Brian Kiraly.

After winning first place in the 181-pound Open and Military Divisions at the USPA Nationals in July, Brian is more than prepared for this jaw-dropping and awe-inspiring event. We know one of his training secrets – TESTOFX LOADED for rapid results and 284% increase in bioavailable testosterone and 376% increase in total testosterone – IN JUST 12 HOURS!!!

Brian’s best contest lifts to date:

  • Squat: 540 lb
  • Bench Press: 402 lb – This was the only personal goal that I achieved at this contest – very happy with my bench!
  • Deadlift: 584 lb

Come cheer Brian on and experience the best strength athletes in the country.

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