USPA Central California Powerlifting Meet

This past Saturday, The Camp Pendleton Bar Benders met in San Lois Obispo, California, at the USPA Central California Powerlifting Championships.

USPA Central California Power Lifting ChampionshipsTeam ALLMAX Athlete and Professional Powerlifter Brian Kiraly was among them.

This was my first competition since my L5 back injury. I have been off for two months and going to physical therapy three times a week. I really wanted to get back on the platform and prove something to myself.

My goal this time was to go 9/9 on my lift attempts. Since I used this meet as a training tool (max effort day), I did not cut weight and just weighed in at my normal 188.2 lbs.

I opened VERY moderate in weight attempts because I was not sure how my body was going to feel considering and I was doing bodyweight air squats six weeks ago. And I was very excited to finally test out my double overhand (HOOK Grip) for deadlifts. I have been working on this technique since April and find that it really helps with the final three inches of the lockout.

I finished 2nd place with a total lifting weight of 1,538 lbs – 198 open.

Here’s the breakdown:


  • 485 lbs – good
  • 529 lbs – good
  • 556 lbs – good


  • 375 lbs – good (forever pause at bottom because of fluttering, which REALLY zapped my lower back!)
  • 396 lbs – no lift (check out the video below: it could be the slight downward motion in my left arm)
  • 407 lbs – no lift


  • 529 lbs – good
  • 584 lbs – good
  • 606 lbs – good

Check out the video:


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