The Struggle is Real!

This happens far too often. Too many people have suffered needlessly. The cost is not in lives, or injury, but the struggle is real!

Think you’re immune to effects of this insidious affliction? Think it’s the other guy who will suffer? Or maybe, just maybe this time it won’t happen to you? … think again!

Some of these truly brave souls have devised strategies that are both brilliant… and sad at the same time.

The Earthquake
A furious rage of impatience as PROTEIN deprivation sets in and sheer frustration takes over!

The Cement Mixer
Slow and patient, a conservative approach to coax the scoop to the surface.

The Sifter
The most calculated approach, the logical man uses tactics most like those of an archaeologist on a dig!

The Spearfisherman
For the hunter gatherer male, a calculated tactic of skill and agility.

The Lame Blame
Mom HAS to know where it is, she moves EVERYTHING!

The Avalanche
Only for the daring, a sure fire way to lose the most protein, but a direct strategy to extracting the scoop immediately!

Join the movement. Stop this senseless madness!

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