Status Mag Reviews RapidCuts Shredded

Promising the perfect fat loss experience through its unique combination of the most advanced adipose-melting agents ever devised, ALLMAX Nutrition’s Rapidcuts Shredded takes the act of shredding yet another step further.

Status Magazine Reviews RapidCuts Shredded

With its inclusion of high potency, pharmaceutical-grade 98% Pure N, N-Di-Methyl Tyramine Hyperlytic Compound (to provoke catecholamine release to increase metabolic rate), Polymethoxylated Stimulant Accelerators (to extend the impact and duration of its potent fat loss ingredients), Micro-Encapsulated Nor and Dihydrocapsaicin (rapid response and thermogenically powerful to melt stubborn fat) and Sustained Release Thermogenics to ensure a longer-lasting fat-burning effect, this product launches a multi-pronged attack on unsightly flab, while enabling the well-conditioned among us to become unprecedentedly shredded.

Purported to contain 99% active ingredients, 50% more than many other such products, Rapidcuts Shredded combines a three-stage targeted rapid release and fat-burning action with cutting-edge fat loss ingredients specifically selected for their proven efficacy and powerful effects (the patented Svetol green coffee extract which provides highly concentrated Chlorogenic Acid and Capsimax which prevents adipocyte maturation and amplifies thermogenesis being two such compounds).

Each single dose capsule of Rapidcuts Shredded taken twice daily works in a synergistic fashion to, first, prime fat cells for their ultimate destruction by creating an internal environment conducive to sustained fat loss (through the combined effects of its proprietary components Cortistrate, Thyrovarin and Prosulin) and, secondly, liberate fat from adipose cells through a duelstage fat-release activator supported by the stimulant Lipo 3, 5 and by targeting the beta receptor and G protein receptor pathways to further activate lipolysis.

Finally, fat released during stage two is permanently eliminated through the fat combustion accelerator, Thermoburn, which also supports normal metabolic functioning and prolongs Rapidcuts Shredded’s fat-burning effect for up to eight hours after initial consumption. Further, to support a healthy metabolic rate while ensuring optimal blood sugar regulation to keep fat levels down, Rapidcuts Shredded features a perfect ratio of highly bioavailable forms of Vitamin B3, Selenium and Chromium Polynicotinate.

Rapidcuts Shredded’s proposed effects are immediately evident upon taking just one capsule. Increased energy and heightened mental arousal signal this product’s initial impact.

After taking Rapidcuts Shredded for 2-3 weeks (at a two-capsule-per-day dose), a noticeable reduction in body fat was observed (losses of up to 15 pounds of body fat over eight weeks have been reported).

A warning:  so strong is this product that any more than two capsules per day may create sleep difficulties (do not take within six hours of bedtime – take earlier in the day on an empty stomach and at least 30 minutes before training for best results). See label for specific instructions.

$59.95 per 90-serving container (one capsule per serving): $0.66 per serving.

As a complete fat burner, Rapidcuts Shredded is as good as it gets. Of an extremely high potency, with ingredients selected specifically for their proven fat-burning qualities and containing absolutely no filler, this product appears to tick all the right boxes for what a shredding supplement should provide the serious user. Not specifically an energy product, Rapidcuts does, however, significantly amp up workout performance while improving concentration and focus. Most importantly, it delivers, as promised in its marketing copy, a formidable fat-burning effect to make the process of shredding that much easier.

  • Exclusively manufactured for fat loss; each ingredient is specifically selected to target stubborn body fat to reveal ripped conditioning.
  • A sustained release thermogenic: promotes fat loss for up to eight hours after initial consumption.
  • Contains five unique alkaloids of both bio-derived and pharmaceutical 1, 3-Trimethylxanthines (caffeine) which have a profound influence on resistance training, cardio and associated fat loss.
  • Features a three-stage – target, release and ignite – blend of synergistically integrated ingredients to: initiate the fat burning process, engage lipolysis and ultimately, accelerate the elimination of fatty acids.
  • Supports optimal blood sugar regulation and a heightened metabolic rate for continuous fat loss gains.
  • Contains almost 100 percent active ingredients for unprecedented potency and efficacy.



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