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How Olympia Rookie and Frontrunner Chase Savoie Trains to Beat the Best.

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With the addition of the Men’s Physique category in 2013, Joe Weider’s Olympia Fitness and Performance Weekend has attracted thousands more aspiring competitors and devoted fans to what remains the world’s premier muscle, fitness, and physique-performance event. With a stage-spanning field of 18 athletes in 2014 (besting the men’s pro bodybuilding line-up),

Men’s Physique has become the most heavily-contested Olympia division for male athletes.

One man who is ready to take on the best and upset the established order come September 19 is Chase Savoie. An ALLMAX Nutrition athlete who in his short pro career – he turned pro in 2014 by winning the NPC Nationals – has won the 2015 Puerto Rico Pro and taken runner up at the 2015 New York Pro (defeating a staggering 40 competitors in the latter event), Chase says he is ready to challenge for the top prize.

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Beginning as a fitness model, Chase, more muscular than his modeling counterparts and a competitor at heart, chose to parlay his physical strengths into physique competition due to the challenging nature of this growing event. Contesting his first show – the Greater Gulf States – as recently as 2013 and placing fourth among seasoned competitors suggested he had found an additional calling. Five contests and a little over a year later and the “strong willed” Chase, whose refusal to accept second best has undoubtedly hastened his climb to the top, stepped onstage against some of the best pro physique athletes on the planet at the 2015 Puerto Rico Pro.

Winning his second pro show and immediately qualifying for the Olympia refueled his drive to become the best of the best. The Olympia-bound Chase is now set to showcase his recent progress alongside physique competition’s elite.

He says his physique will set a new standard in Men’s Physique excellence. With his winning attitude and record of success, this claim must not be mistaken for boastfulness. Rather, it is to be viewed as an example of how winning builds confidence and how confidence manifests in positive self-expression – the hallmark of a true champion.

A devout Christian for whom daily prayer guides blisteringly intensive workouts,

Chase also is a committed believer in heavy compound movements – the deadlift in particular – to craft his shredded 185lb physique. To develop some of the best abs in the business, Louisiana’s youngest male physique pro ignores conventional training wisdom and works his midsection hard and heavy.

Frequently sporting the best V-taper onstage, such heavy abdominal work only appears to have increased his success rate.

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Chase also credits high-volume, fast-paced and intensive training for enabling him to become one of the IFBB’s best physique athletes and an Olympia frontrunner at age 25. Currently he hammers each body part twice-weekly with a three on/one off split:

  • Monday – back/triceps/rear delts;
  • Tuesday – legs;
  • Wednesday – chest/biceps/front delts;
  • Thursday – rest; and repeat.

Though Chase unquestionably has the goods to win the world’s biggest physique event on his first attempt, an Olympia initiation – in which athletes are expected to prove their worth over several outings before finally topping the field – may work against him. Either way, the top-line rookie will impress with a physique that has already earned him international renown; one that will gain him an even larger fan base come September 19.

Q: Coming off a win at the Puerto Rico Pro and a second place finish in New York has positioned you as a frontrunner for this year’s Olympia title. Where do you think you will place and why come September 19?

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I’m very grateful to be classified as a front runner for Mr. Olympia but it will all come down to September l9th as to who will look the best. I believe if I bring the same package that I brought in New York then I will have a chance of winning or at least making the top five.

Q: What are your major strengths as a men’s physique athlete?

I feel my size, symmetry, and balance are my biggest attributes.

Q: Having competed as a pro for only two years you are already showing Olympia-winning potential. What progress have you made since your turned pro in 2014 and how far do you feel you can ultimately go in the upper ranks of the IFBB men’s physique division?

A lot has changed with my workouts since my pro debut along with my nutrition coach’s recommendations. Many improvements have been made and together we have created a formula that I believe can help me to improve for many years to come.

Q: How does it feel to be preparing to compete for the first time on the Olympia stage?

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I can’t express it in words but to compete on the Olympia stage has been a goal of mine for quite some time and to finally achieve it is something quite special.

Q: How do you mentally prepare for your pro physique events?

It’s all about channeling intensity in the gym and focusing on your goals for each event.

Q: What has been your training approach in the lead up to this year’s Olympia?

I train four days in a row with one day off, which prevents me from becoming over-trained. I have also added a sprint and conditioning program in order to achieve my best shape ever.

Q: Describe your training style?

My training is fast paced, high intensity, and heavy.

Q: How have you monitored your progress to ensure you will be on point come Olympia day?

My coach and I keep a very close eye on what I look like every day, all the way to the morning of Mr. Olympia.

Q: How have you structured your nutrition for the final six weeks before this year’s Olympia?

My coach Kash Guidry has everything to do with my nutrition from the time I wake up till the time I go to sleep and he determines everything I will eat every day. He also checks my body and the way I look every day.

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Q: To achieve a shredded appearance, how will you alter your training and nutrition during the final week leading into this year’s Olympia?

I train the same as always but will not train two days before the show. My diet will change depending what I look like at the time.

Q: What supplements do you take to prepare for your events, and which do you use to build muscle in the off-season?


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Q: Describe the importance of supplementation when aiming to build mass and maintain low body fat levels?

Adding supplements into the diet is very important because without supplements it would be extremely hard to maintain low body fat levels.

Q: As a physique athlete, how do you personally ensure your physique does not become too muscular? Do you train any differently to a pro-bodybuilding athlete?

It’s not the way you train because I train harder than most bodybuilders I know. It’s all based on nutrition.

Note: men’s physique athletes are known for skipping the nutritional bulking phase used by bodybuilders; rather, physique athletes often stay in shape all year round for photo shoots and fitness modeling work.

Q: What can fans expect from Chase Savoie come September 19?

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The fans can expect to see me in a light that they have never seen since I began competing. It will be the new look for Men’s Physique competition and I will become the person that competitors will be looking to beat. They will try to follow in my footsteps and ask themselves ‘how does he maintain such a physique?’ They will try to figure it out but they don’t know the drive I have for winning. This is what the fans can expect as a result of my never give up attitude come September 19th.

Q: Who would you like to thank for helping you to get to where you are today?

I would like to thank God first for the love that shines through me to other people and, of course, my family, especially my mother and father for the support they have given to me for the last three years on this wild journey to Mr. Olympia. I also would like to thank my girlfriend for supporting me during my hard dieting phase. Most of all, without the support of ALLMAX Nutrition and my coach Kash Guidry, I could not have overcome my early challenges; these supporters have made it easier for me to prepare to win!

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