Noemi Olah Trains to be a 2015 Olympia Champion

Challenging For Bikini’s Biggest Prize!

For highly-ranked competitors like Hungarian born and raised Noemi Olah, competing alongside the world’s best bikini athletes in the world’s biggest bikini event is a daunting, exhilarating and immensely rewarding experience. With little to separate one stunning Olympia bikini competitor from another, the slightest deficit – physical or in personality – could mean exclusion from the coveted top tier and relegation to the minor placements.

At such an elite level, confidence in one’s ability to succeed backed by an insatiable drive to outwork one’s opponents is all-important. Indeed, Noemi’s stellar competitive run – which has seen the 5’ 7”, 119lb beauty win the 2015 IFBB Battle of the Beach Pro and achieve a career-best seventh-place at the 2015 Arnold Bikini International – has largely resulted from her unwavering self-belief and tremendous work ethic.


In launching her pro career with victory at the 2010 Arnold Classic Amateur Bikini and following this impressive win with a first-place finish in her first pro show (the Detroit Bikini Pro),

Noemi’s bikini beginnings were as auspicious as her recent pro successes have been.

For the past two years Noemi has challenged hard for each pro show she has entered – often placing in the top three or winning – to gain the experience needed to claim the biggest title of them all, the Bikini Olympia.

In her Olympia debut, in 2010, Noemi took 16th place, an outcome she repeated in 2013 at her second Olympia appearance. In 2014 the ALLMAX Nutrition-sponsored athlete finally broke the Olympia top-ten with a ninth-place finish. Her goal for 2015: top six.

Noemi’s training approach is both ultra-intensive and volume-oriented, to belie the common belief that the softer, smaller, and curvier bikini athlete must train with low intensity to discourage an overly muscular appearance. To become fuller, tighter and leaner for this year’s Olympia, Noemi has further cranked up her training pace by including supersets and further increasing her intensity.

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She credits her recent physical improvements – greater muscular proportion, balance and fullness – to learning more about how her body works, becoming more focused and smarter in her training with each pro season, and the exclusive use of ALLMAX Nutrition performance products. With experience has come higher quality training sessions and an improved physique, all underpinned by a relentlessness of intent that no aspiring champion can ever hope to succeed without.

Come September 18, the biggest line-up of bikini competitors ever to contest the Olympia will enter the Las Vega Convention Center

ready to do battle. For Noemi, the event will mark her fourth Olympia appearance and showcase the improvements she has made since last year’s foray. Having displayed her physique onstage since 2005 – the year she won her first show, the Hungarian Superbody Championship – Noemi says she is now ready to take the next step in her quest to become the world’s best bikini athlete.

Will she make the top five, or, better still, beat current champ Ashley Kaltwasser to take the title? With such an amazing line-up such a prediction is impossible to make. One thing is for certain, though: Noemi Olah will be better than ever and ready to beat the best at this year’s big O.

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Q: Your progression as an Olympia Bikini competitor has been impressive, as reflected in your ninth-place finish in 2014, a massive jump from 2013’s placement of 16th. Where do you feel you will land this year and why?

Finishing ninth place at last year’s Olympia meant a lot to me. Being in the top 10 is good feedback that I’m on the right track. My dream is to place in the top five at the Bikini Olympia.

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Q: Compare the physique you will be bringing to this year’s Bikini Olympia stage with the one that impressed fans in 2014?

As competitors we are always trying to improve upon our previous best performances. I plan to bring a look similar to what I brought to this year’s Arnold International, where I finished in seventh place: full, tight and lean.

Q: How does it feel to be preparing for the Olympia stage for the fourth time?

I can’t explain the feeling. I still can’t believe I have achieved that dream. Ever since I started competing I wanted to be the first Hungarian bikini competitor to become an IFBB Pro and to stand on the Olympia stage. I feel incredibly blessed.

Q: What lessons have you taken away from your Olympia career so far and how will these lessons help you to further improve your future Olympia placements?

By learning more about my own body I have become more focused and smarter each year. I’m training in a way that I could not have even imagined a few years ago.

Q: How do you mentally prepare for your Olympia events?

Having a positive attitude about your workout program and your diet will go a long way to helping you to stay motivated. But most importantly, to be surrounded by others who love fitness as much as I do helps me a lot.

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Q: What has been your training approach in the lead up to this year’s Olympia?

I’m more focused on each body part, and I’m especially training my glutes harder and dieting smarter.

Q: How would you describe your training style?

My training is always intense. I like to do a lot of supersets and I always apply 100% effort. I never stop until I achieve my training goals.

Q: How have you monitored your progress to ensure you are on target to achieving your best shape as this year’s Olympia approaches?

Because my training and my diet changes each week I have Bombshell Fitness watching me week-by-week and monitoring my progress.

Q: How have you structured your nutrition for the final six weeks before this year’s Olympia?

There is no off season in bikini;

we stay in good shape all year round. For the last 8-10 weeks I eliminate all cheat meals. I don’t change my nutrition plan and will prepare it the same way all the way up to Olympia day.

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Q: How many cheat meals do you have each week outside of the 8-10 week pre-contest countdown period? Could you describe a typical cheat meal?

As long as I follow my Bombshell diet plan100 percent I can include 1-2 cheat meals per week to stay in shape all year round. My typical cheat meal is sushi, lots of sushi [laughs].

For desert I have frozen yogurt – yummy.

Q: How do you structure your diet during the final week before an event? Do you carb deplete/load or restrict water intake?

During contest prep, especially in the final week, my meal plans contain slightly fewer carbs. The biggest change I made this year is to eliminate artificial flavors and sodium for the last 2-3 weeks. That’s why my favorite nutrition supplement is ALLMAX ISONatural protein. It has no artificial flavors and only 55mg of sodium per serving. But my biggest secret is the 14-day pre contest water loss product, HYDRADRY by ALLMAX.  HYDRADRY is tailored specifically for those who want the sharpest, tightest shape on stage.

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Q: What supplements do you take to prepare for your bikini events, and which do you use to build muscle?

I use ALLMAX Glutamine, BCAAs, ISONATURAL protein powder, CLA, and multivitamins all year round. My favorite protein is ALLMAX ISONATURAL. When I’m not prepping for any event I love the HEXAPRO Cookies and Cream protein powder also.

Q: How would you describe the importance of supplementation when aiming to build mass and maintain low body fat levels?

Supplementation is extremely important.

Without the right supplements you could end up too lean and flat, or not lean enough. Most importantly you could become sick [without the right micronutrient balance and too few calories].

Q: What do you love most about competing on the bikini stage?

I love training and eating healthy when preparing for events. And I also love wearing a gorgeous bikini and jewelry on the bikini stage.

Q: What are your biggest strengths as a bikini competitor?

I think my package is different from a lot of the other girls because my muscular proportion is better. I have been stepping on stage for so many years that I’m comfortable whenever I compete.

Q: What can fans expect from Noemi Olah come September 18, 2015?

I would like to be in the top six. And I won’t rest until I get there.

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Q: Who would you like to thank for helping you to get to where you are today?

I would like to give a huge thank you to my fantastic sponsor ALLMAX Nutrition;

I’m happy and blessed to be part of such a good company. Also I would like to give a big thank you to my coach Shannon Dey for helping me to prep to the 2015 Olympia. She is always so supportive.  Thank you to my bikini sponsor CJ ELITE COMPETITION SUITS. Thank you my jewelry sponsor ALL-THAT-GLITTERS-GEMS. Thank you Powerhouse Gym Downtown Tampa and thank you to all of my family and friends for all your support. I couldn’t have done it without you.

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