Killer Quads Contest

A big thank you to everyone who participated in our Killer Quads Contest.

Sylvia MCongratulations to Winner Sylvia M, who received the most votes for her Killer Quads. Sylvia wins an ALLMAX Ultimate Mass-Gaining Stack worth $200.

This great prize stack includes:

  • VITASTACK: 1 packet daily upon waking
  • MUSCLEPRIME : 1 to 2 servings immediately pre-workout
  • AMINOCORE: 1 serving during your training (intra-workout)
  • KRUSH LOADED: 1 serving immediately post-workout

While we received quite a number of entries, not everybody included a photo. Take a look at the competition:









Dominick C.

Doug E










Doug E.

Michael J


















Michael J.

Ryan M








Ryan M.

Jevgenij S.















Jevgenji S.

Dana B.











Dana B.


Amanda L










Amanda L.

Jonathan N






Jonathan N.

Lizette P










Lizette P.


Adam G

Adam G.


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