IPL World Champion Brian Kiraly Takes on the LA Fit Expo 2012

Brian Kiraly at the LA Fit Expo 2012

Recently crowned the IPL World Champion, ALLMAX Athlete Brian Kiraly tested his strength this past January at The Los Angeles Fitness Expo in the USPA American Cup Powerlifting Invitational & USPA Bench Press/Deadlift Invitational.

Deemed as one of the largest health, fitness, and sporting exposition in the Western U.S., the 2012 LA Fit Expo is in its seventh successful year, the second under sanctioning by the USPA.

Competing in the men’s single-ply against three strong competitors – Alex Bakhirev from Russia and Justin Pascual from the U.S. – Kiraly finished in third place, missing a couple of lift attempts in the squat and deadlift. Brian finished with a total of 1521 lb:

  • Squat = 568 lb
  • Bench Press = 380 lb
  • Deadlift = 573 lb
  • Total = 1521 lb
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