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Most savvy bodybuilders and athletes are well aware of the need to provide their muscles with high quality protein as many as 6-7 times per day to effectively produce rapid gains in lean, hard muscle.

They understand that frequent and consistent protein feedings are vital in order to create a constant supply of amino acids to muscle cells for optimal recuperation and growth.

However, while many are diligent about consuming ample protein during waking hours, they fail to take advantage of the 7-9 hour period during which they sleep, which is precisely when the body devotes much of its resources towards repairing/rebuilding damaged muscle fibers!

The real key lies not only in ingesting protein before bed, but also the right type of protein. You see, each source of protein we consume is broken down and absorbed at very different rates.

While this is not a major issue during the day when we generally eat every 2-3 hours, research shows it is of the utmost importance at night while doing nothing more than dreaming and drooling for up to 9 hours straight (remember, you’re “fasting” while sleeping)!


We all know that significant muscle growth doesn’t happen overnight… but, it DOES happen at NIGHT! In fact, if you’re smart, it will happen every night.

The fact of the matter is your body wants to break muscle down. Large amounts of lean muscle tissue are a great source of protein that your body would like to see redirected to other organs.

If you want to prevent that (and if you’re reading this article, you do) you want to provide ample high-quality protein at strategic points throughout the day, and night! At least 20 g (for the average person) every 3 hours (but not less) and specifically 30 g or more before bed.

These are critically essential “opportunities” to stimulate muscle growth. Miss these opportunities and your body will quickly begin to literally reverse your gains. Add intense training to the mix and the stimulation of muscle growth can be nearly doubled over the next 24 hours.

essential opportunities to stimulate muscle growth

If you are truly serious about building and protecting the muscle you bust your butt for every day in the gym, you will not comfortably lay your head on a pillow until you have supplied your body with the ultimate pre-sleep protein source…ALLMAX’s new and vastly improved 8-10 hour, “time-released,” CASEIN-FX™!

Derived from the highest quality, pure Micellar Casein Isolate (from fresh Dutch milk) and manufactured via an innovative, low-temperature microfiltration process, CASEIN-FX™ yields a slow-releasing protein that is unmatched in concentration and absorbability. It also features ALLMAX’s exclusive ACTIVASE™ Patented Enzyme Activation Technology in order to make sure that every gram of protein is effectively broken down and easily assimilated into the bioavailable amino acids and protein peptides that your hungry muscle cells crave and need.

casein-FX with activas

ACTIVASE™ is extremely unique as it is comprised of enzymes that are activated at different stages of digestion. This means that over the 8 to 10 hours that CASEIN-FX is being digested, advanced enzyme technology is activating to more effectively convert whole, intact protein into aminos as your body requires it and not before!

100% complete whole protein source

CASEIN-FX™ is 100% free of any non-protein amino acids (zero “spiking” here) so you are assured that every gram of protein in the container comes from a 100% complete whole protein source. CASEIN-FX™ is laboratory tested at nearly 80% protein yield so you know you are fueling your body with a low carb, no sugar added meal that is scientifically-engineered to foster muscle growth.

And of course, because the team here at ALLMAX enjoys great taste just as much as you do, we made sure that the new CASEIN-FX mixes up thick and smooth, with unsurpassed flavor, texture and mouth feel that is nothing less than addictive!

ALLMAX CASEIN-FX™ is currently available in 2 LB (907 G) size with a full 27 Servings in both Chocolate and Vanilla flavors.

So do your muscles a huge favor and check out ALLMAX’s retooled, revamped and revolutionary CASEIN-FX™ in its sharp new packaging, featuring the ERGO-LID™ and patent pending SCOOP-LOCK™ system, making this the most user-friendly slow-release protein powder in the world!

  • 25 grams Ultra Slow Release Protein per Serving
  • Trickle Feeds Muscle Cells all Night Long
  • 100% Un-denatured Micellar Casein
  • ACTIVASE™ Enzyme Activated Protein Absorption
  • Scientifically Engineered to Ignite Muscle Growth
  • 100% Free of any Non-Protein Amino Acids (no spiking!)
  • Unsurpassed Flavor, Texture and Mouth Feel
  • Gluten-Free and Certified Kosher
  • Features Exclusive ERGO-LID™ and SCOOP-LOCK™ Technology



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