Flex Pro and Fitness Championships 2012 in Santa Monica

This weekend marks the 2012 Flex Pro and Fitness Championships in Santa Monica, California.

FLEX Cover Ben Pakulski

We’re proud to have Ben Pakulski representing ALLMAX on the Men’s Heavyweight Bodybuilding stage. If you’ve been following the ALLMAX blog, you have seen Ben in action as he’s been training and prepping for this show. He’s a favorite to win.

“The idea is to “fire up” the CNS in the morning, then come back and thrash every muscle fiber at night. Something Coach Poliquin showed me. Ample supplementation is very important. BCAAs during the workout and after is essential, I use 4 scoops of Aminocore by ALLMAX. Also make sure you’re getting lots of high quality protein.” ~ Ben Pakulski

And you won’t want to miss Sheri Vucick over on the fitness stage. Renowned for her daring gymnastic routines, Sheri puts on quite the show and is an all-round athlete.


IFBB Pro Sheri Vucick

“Never stop. Never give up. A champion must first challenge the self before they can challenge others. I am my competition. Failure is not an option.” ~ Sheri Vucick

ALLMAX will be there in all our glory, together with some familiar faces and athletes from our amazing team. Stop by for some samples of Razor8, Isoflex, Aminocore and Quickmass and get an autographed photo from Ben and Sheri.


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