Video: Brandon Beckrich “Big B” – Project Pro Card: Episode 2


Watch as TEAM ALLMAX Super Heavyweight Bodybuilder Brandon “Big B” Beckrich goes through his daily routine. Big B very narrowly missed his Pro Card last year by an agonizing single placing. Determined to make sure the past does not repeat itself, Brandon shows us how “A Day in the Life” looks for this Amateur NPC National Bodybuilder as he closes in on his lifelong dream of turning Pro!

Amazingly detailed daily meal preparation, key protein tips and Muscle Building Supplements are all explained in the context of pre-contest preparation. Watch a truly epic shoulder workout at the USA GYM just outside of Chicago; considered one of the most hardcore gyms in America!

We also get to meet Chuck Sanow, IFBB PRO and owner of USA GYM in Chicago. Chuck seen Brandon develop over the years and gives some sage advice as Brandon closes in on the NPC Nationals in Miami in November.


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