2016 Olympia One on One Interview with Chase Savoie

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From Underdog to Contender: How Chase Savoie Plans to Win the 2016 Olympia

Considering the improvements he has made since his Olympia debut in 2015 it appears Men’s Physique standout Chase Savoie’s next foray will be a case of second-time lucky. Following a discouraging O debut in 2015, Chase has been hard at work recapturing the form he displayed in early 2015 and further fleshing out his large frame en route to dominating the field at this year’s Olympia.

Chase has been training with a view to winning the Olympia’s most competitive division in 2016.

In winning the 2015 Puerto Rico Pro and placing second at the 2015 New York Pro the ever-improving Chase, who is still several years off reaching his full physique potential, proved he belonged on the Olympia stage.

However, a second Puerto Rico Pro win and third place in a tough New York Pro line-up (in his best shape ever) has given Chase the momentum he needs to make 2016 his best year yet. Scheduled to compete at 190lbs (a full five pounds heavier than in 2015 but vastly more shredded)

and with his signature V-Taper replete with some of the best abdominal development to be seen on any pro stage

the soon to be two-time Olympian will be gunning for glory come Olympia day. Whether he wins the whole show is difficult to predict. However, one thing is for certain. However, one thing is for certain, the ALLMAX Nutrition athlete  will be challenging hard for the top placements.

Q: Your physique appears to have improved dramatically since the 2015 pro season. How have you structured your training and nutrition to ensure you will be at your very best at this year’s Olympia?

My coach Kash Guidry is always on top of changing my foods to ensure I’m at my best. I’d say the biggest change has been my training. I was training every body part twice a week but now I only train certain lagging body parts more than once to ensure I’m getting as much rest as possible and recovering to my fullest potential.

Q: Men’s Physique remains one of the more competitive Olympia events. The quality of competition continues to improve year after year. What do you need to do as a physique athlete to make the coveted top six amongst such tough competition?

I need to bring my ultimate best. I feel if I can bring a package with a great mix of fullness and conditioning I can win this thing.

Q: What are your competitive strengths and what areas do you feel you need to improve on?

My biggest strengths have been my delts, lats and abs. For the most part I’ve been improving my back since my last show, because my back has been my biggest weakness.

Q: You presented yourself well at last year’s Olympia but did not make the top ten. This speaks to the high level of competition you will be up against. Where do you feel you will place this year and why?

I feel last year’s Olympia was the only show that year I came in “off”, meaning I wasn’t as full and not as tight as in previous shows.

I feel this year I will be in the top-five mix

and wouldn’t be surprised if I won the whole show with the improvements I’ve made.

Q: What improvements have you made to your physique since 2015?

I’ve gotten bigger all around while keeping my small waist and symmetry.

Q: You have a good amount of size for a Men’s Physique athlete. Would you ever consider a switch to bodybuilding?

I would never switch to regular bodybuilding; the most I would do is Classic Physique. But first I want to win the Olympia Men’s Physique.

Q: What do you love most about Men’s Physique competition?

I love how competitive it’s getting. There’s little difference between each physique, so if you’re slightly off on a given day then you will pay the price because there are many guys with similar physiques that will jump in front of you.

Q: How do you deal with the pressure associated with competing against the world’s best Men’s Physique athletes? Can you describe your mindset going into this year’s Olympia?

My mind is actually at its best right now. I’m an underdog going into this show, just like I was going into the NY Pro last year. I love being an underdog because I have no pressure on me. I’m just gonna bring my ultimate best and let the cards fall where they may.

Q: What does it mean for you to be competing on the Olympia stage for your second year running?

It’s a huge honor. Most competitors will not even make it on that stage once in their career and I’ve already done it twice in my first two years as a pro! I’m very blessed and humbled to walk on that stage and be amongst the best in the business.

Q: What is the atmosphere like on the Olympia stage? What tends to dominate your thoughts up there?

Well last year I was very nervous because I was expected to be in that first callout and didn’t exceed my expectations. Not only was my body off but my posing was also stiff and not relaxed. This year I know what to expect and will be much more calm.

Q: Does your mindset change when preparing for the Olympia compared to when preparing for other shows?

This year, no it has not. I look at it like I do going into any other show. You can’t stress yourself out too much with those kinds of thoughts. You just have to get in there and do your best like in any other show.

Q: This year’s New York Pro saw you in the best shape of your life. What further improvements do you hope to have made come Olympia day?

I was in great shape but a little on the flat side. Me and my coach need to make sure I’m fuller and with the assistance of posing coach Kenny Wallach I will also be bringing a whole new posing routine to wow the judges.

Q: What training techniques have you always implemented, in both the pre-contest and offseason periods? Why do you feel these techniques are so effective?

I always lift heavy whether it’s offseason or pre-contest. I also always mix up both heavy weight low reps and lighter weight with more squeezing for detail. You have to implement both techniques to target the fast twitch and slow twitch muscle fibers. That’s how I get the most out of my training.

Q: What do you enjoy doing outside of training, to take your mind off the gym and to mentally re-charge?

I enjoy going out to eat or to the movies with my girlfriend Brittney and son Jaden.  I also play Xbox in my spare time to manage stress.

Q: Do you have any training superstitions, for example a certain item of clothing you wear to the gym, or a specific phrase you repeat to yourself before a heavy set? Something that you feel enhances your performance.

I always catch myself saying “let’s go baby.” Also, while doing morning cardio, to help me get through it despite being depleted and low on energy I always say out loud “let’s win this, they don’t want this like I do.’

Q: How much of your success is reliant upon having the right support network? Who has helped you to grow as an athlete?

God, my parents, girlfriend Brittney and stepson Jaden have been my biggest support.

I work my butt off every single day to keep improving

not only for me but for them. I’m always looking to improve my physique and my life in general. Also my coach Kash Guidry has been my mentor from the beginning; he has taught me so much – from nutrition to training correctly.

The Essentials

Age: 26

Height: 5’10”

Off-season weight: 220lbs

Pre-contest weight:

previously 190lbs; 195lbs for the 2016 Olympia

Favorite exercise:

The deadlift because it works the whole body

Favorite protein supplement:

ALLMAX Nutrition ISOFLEX Peanut Butter Chocolate flavor

Favorite ‘cheat’ foods: can’t go wrong with pizza or burger and fries. Dessert would have to be carrot cake or chocolate chip cookie dough ice cream.

Best competitive moment:

Getting my first Olympia qualification at the 2015 IFBB Puerto Rico pro. It brought tears to my eyes on stage.


Olympian Supplement Strategies – Pre-contest supplement stack

*Note: Chase exclusively uses ALLMAX Nutrition products.

 Top Supplement Tip

I think timing for supplements is the biggest key to utilizing them the most. Pre, intra and post workout is the best time to use supplements.

2016 Olympia prediction

The Men’s Physique division has continued to grow from Olympia to Olympia, with competitors from as far afield as New Zealand joining the burgeoning ranks of the IFBB’s most competitive division. That being said, only the very elite can ever expect to make it beyond the coveted Olympia top six. Chase Savoie, who believes he can win 2016’s event, is one such competitor. Though he has the potential to go all the way (and if he continues to improve, someday will), I predict Chase will make the top six but not the winner’s circle this time around.

Verdict: Sixth Place

David Robson

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