Tips for Bigger Guns

Tips for bigger guns

Can you still fit your arms through you shirtsleeves? Does you watch fit loosely around your wrist? If you need help growing your guns try incorporating the tips below.

Focus on the Negative

Negatives are the most forgotten part of every arm workout. A “negative” refers to the eccentric movement of an exercise. Slowing down this movement activates 2 – 3 times more muscle fibers, and has proven to lead to big gains. For a typical biceps curl, this means letting the weight down slowly or, for a triceps cable push down it would be the opposite – let the weight back up slowly. A typical eccentric movement should last for a three-count. Try prolonging this to a four or five count to really push your gains. Do this for at least one set of exercises for both biceps and triceps.

Jack Your Testosterone

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Generally recognized as the “muscle-building” hormone, testosterone can be “activated” naturally by really pushing some weight. Many experienced lifters will start their week off with leg day – by working the largest muscle group in your body you get the largest natural release of test early in the week, thus helping to further recover and grow from the next few days’ workouts. Another way to do this is by performing supersets. Start with a set of cable curls immediately followed by a set of tricep push downs. Perform 2 to 3 sets, leaving about 30 seconds of rest between each set.

Another way of boosting your testosterone is by using the right combination of natural ingredients. Learn more about this in our article Jack Your Testosterone Naturally.

Don’t forget about the Forearms

Proportionality between your forearms and your upper arms is important. Don’t neglect your forearms! Try hammer curls for 3 sets, or incorporate them into the superset mentioned above (make it a giant set!).

A DIY tool you can make at home, one often used by hockey players for forearm strength, requires only a 10lb plate, a stick and some rope. Take about a 4 foot piece of rope and tie one end to the stick and the other end to the plate. Holding your arms straight out with the stick in both hands, rotate the stick so that the rope curls around it, slowly drawing the plate upwards until the plate reaches the top. Next, turn the stick in the opposite direction to lower the plate until the plate is again near the floor. Repeat until failure.

Perform Compound Movements

Curls and extensions are fundamental exercises when building the biceps and triceps, but if you’re looking for more gains, make sure you get some compound movements in. Squats, deadlifts and bench press will do wonders for growth.

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