Protein: The Missing Element in your Diet Success?

IFBB Professional Bodybuilder Ben Pakulski gives you the inside track on dieting success.

In a day of fast cars, fast talkers and fast food, nutrition is one thing that often falls by the wayside. 

We get so caught up in day-to-day activities that we often find ourselves grabbing for whatever is easy, convenient and fast. We see it all too often. Those people in the gym who look the same year after year, despite all the time and work they invest.

What are they doing wrong?

For those of you looking to improve your physical health and physical appearance, fast food choices are never a good way to go. You spend your valuable time in the gym, working hard, moving toward your goal, why would you blow it all as soon as you walk out the door?

I know you all agree with me when I say that time is much too valuable these days to waste in the gym and not get the results you’re after. I work hard and I want to make the most of that time.

Those of us looking to lead a healthy lifestyle, and look good in our jeans, need a diet high in protein and fiber.

University research supports high-protein diets being best for fat loss, and whey protein is one of the best and most convenient ways to increase protein in your diet.

A new study published in the Journal of Nutrition found that supplementing with whey protein and continuing to eat a normal diet resulted in significantly more fat loss than adding soy protein to the diet.

High-protein intake is associated with an increased feeling of satiation, which results in fewer calories ingested and a greater amount of weight loss. High-protein diets have tremendous beneficial effects on blood sugar management. Lower insulin levels mean a decreased likelihood of fat storage.

Whey protein also speeds recovery, which means a greater potential for more frequent workouts at a higher intensity.

Protein is essential after your workout. I suggest drinking a whey protein isolate shake like ISOFLEX. This will provide an easily digestible protein source that contains high BCAA content and low sugar. And it tastes great!

As an added benefit, a cold-temperature processed Whey Protein Isolate like ISOFLEX contains GMPs, or Glycomacropeptides: a naturally occurring fraction that makes you feel fuller for longer!

How Much Protein Should I Take?

A good starting point for calculating how much whey protein you need post workout is:

  • 0.5 g of protein per kg of body weight. A 90-kg or 198-lb person will want to take at least 45 grams of whey.

The perfect way to kickstart recovery and get you on your way to that physique you truly dream of, a post-workout whey protein isolate shake is a superior choice. Whey protein is responsible for greater increases in protein synthesis because it helps you get amino acids into the system quickly after exercise.

One study found that participants who supplemented with whey protein were able to produce more force than a group that took a carb supplement after a weight training session, indicating faster recovery patterns.

So if you want to elevate your training and stop being one of those guys in the gym that never change from year to year, supplement your training with a post-workout whey protein isolate shake like ISOFLEX.

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