No Gym? No Problem – Outdoor Training for the Fitness Enthusiast

Do you have a job that has you sitting inside all day long while sun the beats down outside? To many this may seem like justification to skip the gym in order to avoid spending anymore time inside. Wanting to make the most of the summer should not be your excuse for letting your fitness routine slide. In fact, this is the perfect opportunity to shock your body into new growth with outdoor training. By taking your training outdoors, you can reap many benefits that you won’t encounter in the weight room.

The Advantages of Training Outdoors

Outdoor Workout

For starters training outdoors means you can take a deep breath of fresh and clean air. Not only can this air help clear your lungs, but it will also help burn more calories and your keep your core at a stable temperature.

Secondly, the new environment helps you avoid training boredom and staleness. Taking your training to new locations can help keep even walking lunges interesting. Moreover, it can also be a way to avoid injury due to overtraining, which can occur by doing the same exercises repetitively.

Most importantly however is the natural source of vitamin D that will have a direct impact on your mood, metabolism and energy. As mood variations are most often associated with the amount of sunlight you receive, your indoor job can cause your mood and energy levels to drop. So spending a little extra time in the sun can help elevate those levels of serotonin that are depleted from spending too much time in doors or in dark spaces for too long. Also consider taking a sufficient daily multivitamin, such as VITAFORM or VITASTACK.

Finally, did we mention you’ll also save some money?

Location, Location, Location

Finding a location may be the most difficult part of this training, but once you are set with an appropriate park you will be good to go.

Begin by warming up with a jog to the park (or at the park). Soak in all the scenery and use this time for getting yourself mentally prepared for your workout. You can also help prime your body and mind by taking a serving of MUSCLEPRIME 20 to 30 minutes before you leave home.

Lower Body & Core Example

Your lower body and core can be trained on the same day in a circuit by completing the following exercises in sequence:

  • Lunges (stationary or walking)
  • Squats
  • Bulgarian split squats using an elevated surface such as boulder, picnic table or playground platform
  • Plank (regular and side)
  • Jack-knife using the swing
  • Decline crunches from the monkey bars, requires you to hang upside down, but is definitely a good burn to the mid section

Do not rest between exercises, but rest 30 to 45 seconds between circuits.

Upper Body Example

Train your upper body in the same fashion with following exercises:

  • Incline push ups (using a small rock, or picnic table bench)
  • Pull ups on the monkey bars or a tree branch
  • Dips (using a ledge  of some sort or a picnic table bench)
  • Decline push-up with your feet on a swing

Perform the circuit for three sets.

Finish off with some high intensity cardio intervals. I like to use box jumps. For these you can use a picnic table. My favorite format is 10 sets of 10 with a 45-second rest between sets. To increase the intensity, use a platform of an appropriate height on the playground. Jumping from the sand creates an unstable surface, forcing you to recruit more muscles from your core and legs.

If you are not a fan of box jumps, then you can tackle the hill and perform some hill sprints. How many sprints you do is dependent on how big the hill is. So make sure you are challenging yourself. If you are not out of breath, you can go higher, faster, or longer. It’s your call.

So take it outside. Have some fun in the sun, and enjoy the weather while it lasts.

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