Feeling the Pump with MusclePrime

We call it The World’s First Pre-Workout Anabolic Response Activator

  • Explosive Workout Intensity
  • Nitric Oxide Muscle Expander
  • Rock Hard Muscle Pumps
  • Rapid Gains in Lean Muscle

And we have the research to back it up:

Fueled by recent university research, MUSCLEPRIME™ is the most effective anabolic nutrient pre-workout combination. Coupled with its ability to amplify workout intensity, MUSCLEPRIME stands ready to prime your mental state and power you through your toughest, most hardcore workouts.

But who are you going to believe – someone who gets paid to write good stuff about ALLMAX Nutrition or a satisfied customer who has experienced true results?

John N from Minnesota writes:

Dear ALLMAX Nutrition,

My life’s been crazy for the past 8 months since my wife and I had twin girls, which by the way, are worth all the trouble in the world. Unfortunately, I’ve had to change my schedule to get up crazy early every day just to work out (or I don’t get to see them). I’ve been dabbling around with different pre-workout supplements for some time, but a friend recommended MusclePrime to me a month and a half ago, and I seriously had one of those “Where have you been all my life?” moments. I love the formulation, and the results back it up.  All the right stimulants, a serious pump, and the amino acids for that anabolic boost. I’ve tried other stuff, but I couldn’t find the right blend that you guys have with MusclePrime. I’m not a huge fan of the carbonation, but I’m really only concerned with results.  I can’t recommend it enough. Excited to try the Razor8 once I finish this tub.


ALLMAX Nutrition

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