Customer Service

We would love to hear from our valued customers! Send us any questions you have about ALLMAX, whether it’s product questions, feedback or success stories. Send us an email at support[at]allmaxnutrition[dot]com and be sure to enter the nature of your inquiry in the subject line so we can direct your email to the appropriate department.

Requests for Samples

We receive hundreds of requests for samples on a daily basis and cannot keep up with the demand. The best way to get samples is to check out your local ALLMAX retailer to see when the next demo is scheduled in a town near you. Our demo reps will have samples of the ALLMAX product line ready for you to taste, and are more than qualified to answer your questions. Also, most of our retailers will give you a sample, if you ask nicely.

Product Inquiries

Before sending us an email, please check our products page for any questions you may have regarding our products, their uses, and ingredients.


For sales and wholesale distribution inquiries please visit


For sponsorship and modeling inquiries, please email us directly at sponsorship[at]allmaxnutrition[dot]com.


If you are applying for a job, take a look at our careers section and send your inquiries to careers[at]allmaxnutrition[dot]com.


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