Tiffany Boydston

Tiffany Boydston

5′ 2″                  110 LBS            103 LBS


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I am an IFFB PRO Bikini competitor, FMG athlete, qualified for the 2012 Bikini Olympia! Writer for, “Breakfast with Tiffany.” I am also an ISSA Certified Personal Trainer, Crossfit Certified Trainer, Tapout Personal Trainer, certified nutrition specialist, and the Fitness Manager at David Barton Gym in Las Vegas.

I am living my passion and dream day by day. I wanted to be a psychologist when I grew up – and this is a way of me living my dream while still being able to help those in need.

On Being an ALLMAX Athlete

This means more to me then just a sponsorship. I have stood behind the supplements and brand since I began my fitness aspirations (2 years ago to be exact at my first show). I truly believe the quality of the company is one of a kind. I want to represent the company in a positive manner – to help educate those when it comes to nutrition and supplements. With ALLMAX nutrition I can do just that. Stand behind the company saying, “I do take the supplements because of the quality and care that goes into them.” To be able to say this and stand behind every word for all friends, family, and fans – is a dream come true. I want to help those in need of accurate information when it comes down to supplementation and fitness goals. With this company – I can do just that and more.

Question & Answer with Tiffany

Favorite Type of Training
I like anything with weights and plyo metrics. I also incorporate sprints in my routine. I love to train as an athlete. Keeps each work out fun and keeps the body guessing.

Favorite Exercise
It’s a toss up between shoulder presses and lunges! Love them both!

Favorite Cheat Food
Burger, sweet potato fries, and frozen yogurt or ice cream for dessert! YUM!

Favorite Diet Food
Oatmeal and almond butter.

What Do you Like to Do Outside of the Gym
Anything outside! I love to be active during the day. I’ve never been one to just sit around. I do enjoy a movie, bowling, or just anything to spend time with my loved ones.

What’s in your Gym Bag?
ALLMAX Glutamine, ALLMAX BCAA for pre and post workout! It’s a must have at all times! My Versa grips, weight belt, exercise journal, and post work out meal.

How Did you get into Fitness
Four years ago, I was diagnosed with hypoglycaemia which made me have to control my eating and cut out high processed/ high fatty foods. This made me get into nutrition big time. Seeing that nutrition was 80% of our over all results – yet something was missing. I then started grabbing exercise books and started just following little routines here and there. I hired my first trainer and it was over from there. I was hooked!

What Do you Love to Listen to when you Work Out
Teenage Dirtbag by Wheatus, Wide Awake by Katy Perry, Adelita’s way (My good friend Rick’s band- if you haven’t heard them check them out! Great work out tracks to get you moving!)

Biggest Gym Pet Peeve
Between not racking your weights and someone on a machine you want to use and they’re just jabbing away… I’d say both are equally just as much of a pet peeve!

Image Gallery

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Competitive Record

Competitive Record


10th – Bikini Olympia

2nd – St. Louis Pro Bikini

6th – Orange County Muscle Classic

2nd – Pro Bikini

8th – Arnold Classic


12th – Olympia

3rd – USA Championships

2nd – Border States

5th – Sacramento Pro


3rd – Titans Pro (qualified for 2012 Olympia)

5th – Tijuana Pro

11th – Phoenix Pro

1st – Jr. Nationals Chicago


1st – NPC Sacramento

2nd – NPC Border States Championships

Training Plan

Tiffany’s Training Plan

Monday: Legs

  • Smith Machine Squat – 4 x 10 (Stances- wide, regular, feet together, back to regular and squeeze the glutes after each rep)
  • DB Wide Sumo Squat superset with DB Swing Lunge – 4 x 10 (Lunge forward then swing leg back and lunge-that’s 1! Do each leg isolated not alternating.)
  • Barbell Step ups Superset with DB Curtsey lunge – 4 x 10
  • Barbell Deadlift superset with Pop Squats (holding a plate ex. 10 lb plate) – 4 x 10
  • Leg extentions (toes pointed Regular, in, out, and pointed straight. Switch for each set) super set with Prone Leg Curl – 4×10
  • Calves – 4 x 15 – 20 reps
  • Standing calves
  • Seated calves
  • Donkey calves

Tuesday: Shoulders

  • Smith Machine press – 4 x10
  • Arnold Press superset with Barbell front raise – 4 x 10
  • Barbell Hang clean and Press superset with bent over lateral flyes – 4 x 10
  • Drop set DB lateral raises (ex. 20 lbs for 10 then decrease the weight all the way down to 5 lbs – 4 times) – 4 x10
  • High Rope Rear Delt Pulls superset w/ barbell Rear delt row – 4 x 10
  • Cardio 25-30 stairs or arc trainer

Wednesday: Back

  • Pull ups – 5 x 5
  • Wide grip pull down superset with Reverse grip pull down – 4 x 10
  • Seated row superset with one arm DB row – 4 x 10
  • Straight-arm standing pull down superset with cable pull through – 4 x 12
  • Hyperextensions – 4 x 20
  • Cardio: Sprints 30 seconds on 30 seconds off for 15 min and walk at an incline for 10-15 min.

Thursday: Arms & Abs

  • 3 x 15 D-bell skull crushers Super set 3×30 bench dips with 3×15 bicycle crunches
  • 4 x 10 tricep pushdowns
  • 4 x 10 rope extensions – Over head
  • 3 x 21’s with a preacher curl super set with knee ups on the bench 3×20
  • 4 x 10 alternating d-bell curls super set 4×10 straight bar curls
  • 3 x 10 45 degree D-bell hammer curls super set with 10lb weighted V-ups (3 x 15)

Friday- Chest & Leg Shaping Plyos

  • 4 x 15 , 12, 10, 10 incline flies superset 4 x 20 alternating lunges
  • 3 x 15 pec dec
  • 4 x 12 decline d-bell press superset 4 x 20 lateral skip squats
  • 3 x 10 d-bell pullover
  • 4 x 10 cable cross overs superset 4 x 20 light straight leg deadlifts
  • Cardio: stairs or incline sprints

Saturday: Track Day

  • Jog 2 laps warm up
  • 100 meter hamstring kickers (alternating legs kicking those glutes, rest for 1 min and kick your way back) – 4 sets
  • 2 sets of 200 meter sprints ( go all out, walk 200 meters and you are ready to go again)
  • 4 sets of 100 meter sprints, lunging back the 100 meters. rest 1 min and sprint again.
  • 1 lap of squat jumps
  • Cool down, jog 2 laps and then stretch!

Sunday: Rest

Most important day of training is to let your body rest and repair all that hard work you have done during the week!

Supplement Stack

Tiffany’s Stack

Nutrition Plan

Sample Diet

Meal 1

ALLMAX BCAA and ALLMAX Glutamine before eating, ALLMAX Digestive Enzymes

1/3 c Oat Bran, 4 egg whites, ¼ berries, 1 tsp almond butter


Meal 2

ALLMAX Digestive Enzymes

3 oz chicken, 3 oz yam, ½ c asparagus

Meal 3

4 oz ground turkey, ½ c brown rice, 1 c zuchinni, ½ tsp coconut oil

Meal 4

3 oz chicken, 3 oz yam, 10 almonds

Meal 5

5 oz Cod (any white fish – I love Orange Roughy too!), 1 c. Spaghetti squash, side salad, ½ tbsp coconut oil

Meal 6

6 egg whites (I make these into egg white muffins! ), 1 tbsp Almond butter

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