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Hailing from Hamilton, Ontario, Fitness Model Andre Rzazewski is a Certified Personal Trainer. Andre now lives in Toronto.

Andre Rzazewski, fitness model and certified personal trainer, is originally from Hamilton Ontario and now lives and works in Toronto. Andre holds a diploma from Sir Sandford Flemming College, specializing in Aquaculture, as well as a degree from the University of Guelph with a double major in Art and History.

Andre is a natural bodybuilder who competed in his first event at the age of 19. He attributes his success to paying very close attention to a calculated well balanced diet combined with consistent and intense weight training and regular cardiovascular sessions. As a certified personal trainer he is constantly reading and researching new training methods and nutritional data to keep up to date with the latest in the industry.

Andre is also a published writer, having written a number of nutrition and training articles for Fame Magazine, Status Magazine and the ALLMAX website. In addition, Andre has had the opportunity to work with many talented, well known photographers and has appeared in Status Magazine, Musclemag International, Planet Muscle, Fame Magazine, Inside Fitness and the Hamilton Spectator.

On Being an ALLMAX Athlete

I have been using ALLMAX products for years and only trust them in my contest prep and that of my clients. It was very exciting that I became sponsored by the only company whose products I use and trust.

Question & Answer with Andre

Favorite Type of Training
45 min cardio in the morning, HIT mid-afternoon, employ some principles of Doggcrap training. I use ascending sets and usually do 4-5 exercises per bodypart – consisting of 3-4 sets of each, with 2-3 sets working to failure, with at least one drop set per exercise. I do a 3-day split and cover the entire body 2X within a 6-day period. Sunday, I rest.

Favorite Cheat Food
Pizza, wings, Doritos

Favorite Diet Food
Steak, Raw Salmon, Tilapia

Favorite Exercise at the Gym
Deadlifts, Walking lunges, Squats, Overhead cambered bar extensions… (too many to list, they are all my favorites)

What’s in your Gym Bag?
Weight belt, worn/smelly straps, lifting chalk, Nalgene water bottle.

What Do you Like to Do Outside of the Gym?
Building my personal training business, travelling, snowboarding, wakeboarding, Seadoo in big waves, skateboarding, riding my motorcycle and spending quality time with my girlfriend, family and close friends.

How did you get into Fitness?
I wrestled and played football in high school and started to weight train. I went to watch a bodybuilding competition in Hamilton and competed in the same show the following year when I was 19 and got hooked.

Media Gallery

Andre Rzazewski Media Gallery

Competitive Record

Competitive Record


7th – UFE Pro North American Championships


6th – IDFA Pro Universe


Winner of the Elite Bodybuilding – MVP Quest UFE

Provincial Championships Qualifier


First Heavyweight and Overall Champion – Musclemania Canadian National Championship

Sixth Place Pro Division – Musclemania World Bodybuilding Championships, L.A.

Second Place Middleweight – Western Ontario Championships


North American Champion

Training Plan

Andre’s Training Plan

Unless otherwise noted each exercise is 2 warm up sets + 3 working sets:

Set 1: Failure at 15 reps

Set 2: Failure at 12 reps

Set 3: (Drop Set) Failure at 10 – Drop by 30% x 3 Increments (40, 30, 20)

**S/W = Superset With

Monday- Chest/ Biceps

  • Flat Bench Press – 10 X 10 Reps
  • Incline Dumbell Press
Incline Flyes
  • Dips (3 Sets To Failure)
  • Barbell Curls Against Incline Bench – 10 X 10 Reps
Hammer Curls

Tuesday- Back / Triceps

  • Warm Up – 3 Sets Straight Arm Pulldowns

Deadlifts – 10 X 10 Reps
  • Pull Ups (4 sets) 10 Reps – 5 Sec Negatives
  • Incline Bench Dumbell Rows
  • Seated Row
  • Rope Press Downs
  • Seated Overhead Cambered Bar Extensions – 10 X 10 Reps
  • Seated Overhead Dumbell Extensions

Wednesday- Quads/ Hams/ Calves

  • Squats – 10 X 10 Reps
  • Leg Press
  • Walking Lunges (30)
  • Stiff Leg Deadlifts
  • Standing Calf Extensions

Thursday- Shoulders

  • Bent Lateral Raises
Seated Side Lateral Raises
  • Hammer Strength Machine Shoulder Press Or Smith Machine – 10 X 10 Reps

Upright Rows (Cambered Bar)
  • Alternating Front Dumbell Raises

Friday- Pull/Push Back/Chest/Bis/Tris

  • Pull Ups S/W Dips
  • Wide Grip Bent Over Rows S/W Flat Barbell Press
  • Incline Bench Dumbell Rows S/W Incline Dumbell Press
  • Seated Row S/W Incline Flyes
  • Rope Press Downs S/W Rope Hammer Curls
  • Lying Dumbell Skull Crushers S/W Seated Hammer Curls
  • Lying Cambered Bar Skull Crushers S/W Standing Cambered Bar Curls
  • Kickbacks S/W Curls (Palms Up)






Monday, Wednesday, Saturday:

Roman Chair Leg Raises (15) S/W Weighted Decline Bench Crunches (15) S/W Rope Crunches (15) x 3 Sets

Supplement Stack

Andre’s Stack

Nutrition Plan

Sample Diet

6 am

RAPIDCUTS SHREDDED, 10 g L-glutamine, ALA, L-Carnitine, Yerba Mate Green tea extract, 8 g BCAAs (AMINOCORE)

45- min cardio (20 min- fast walk on steep incline (treadmill) , 25 min -step mill)

Immediately after 1 scoop ISOFLEX

Meal 1

8 egg whites, 4 oz tilapia, 1 cup oatmeal


Meal 2

8 oz chicken breast, 6 oz yams, 10 asparagus spears


RAZOR8 (1 scoop) or MUSCLEPRIME (1-2 scoops)

2 Ginkgo Biloba

500 mg Yerba Mate green tea extract

1000 mg Vitamin C

150 mg R-ALA


10 g L-Glutamine

Intra-Workout (Drink)


5 g ALLMAX Beta Alanine (Start with 1 or 2 g if you are not used to Beta Alanine)

5 g ALLMAX L-Arginine

10 g L-Glutamine

1.5 L H2O

Post-workout (within 15 min)

5 g Beta Alanine

5 g L-Arginine

10 g L-Glutamine

2 scoops ISOFLEX

1 serving NovaForme CytoGreens or 1 tsp Spirulina, 1 tsp Wheatgrass

1000 mg Garlic

2 Grape Seed extract

150 mg R-ALA

Meal 3 (60 Min post-workout)

8 Oz chicken breast, 1 cup quinoa, 1cup raw broccoli

Meal 4

8 oz steak or salmon, 2 cups spinach, ½ avocado

Meal 5

8 oz tilapia, 3 cups romaine lettuce, 20 almonds

Meal 6

1-2 scoops CaseinFX, 1 tbsp Flax Oil, 3 ZMA, 10g L-Glutamine





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